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Oh, I agree, I agree! So much hopefulness and beauty in this book despite all the apocalyptic losses. And so gorgeously written, too. It was definitely one of the best reads of my 2014.


It's a great, great book isn't it? I was extremely enthusiastic about its structure. I think, like you said, it's masterful.
Could it happen? I guess it's not impossible. So many things seem unimaginable and they happen. Sorry. I'm particularly gloomy today. My ex-colleague with whom I shared an office for six years has died on the plane that some nutter crashed into the French Alps on Tuesday.


So glad you liked the book! And yes, it is definitely made just that much more creepy because it is so very plausible. I liked that it wasn't horror after horror, that there was still pleasure and friendship and community to be found, that not everyone forgot how to be human, and that the book ended on a hopeful note. Plus, as you say, it was so masterfully told!


Your review makes me resolve to read this book. Sounds terrifying!


It was not as dark as it could have been, thankfully. And I was so pleased that it ended the way it did--on just the right hopeful note without giving anything away. It is really a hard to put down book and one I really needed just now. She knows how to tell a good story!


Caroline I am SO sorry to hear that you knew someone on that flight! I have been following it and of course it is all over the news here as well. It is impossible to wrap my mind around it all. I have been dealing with some stressful things in and out of work, but when you hear something so awful like this, it puts all those annoyances and anxieties into perspective. I can deal with my problems, but this...this is horrible and I feel so terrible for those families and friends. I can understand why you affected by this awful (and completely senseless thing). Anyway, my heart goes out to you!

And the book--it was really excellent and as you say, something so almost impossible to think would ever happen until it does--and yet again, what would ever be the chances for such a tragedy that took place just this week--and it has.


I expected it to be dystopian in the far out way---sort of like the Burgess--this crazy, strange world, but one that you could keep at arm's length. Don't you wonder about what the actors found at the end of their journey? I keep thinking about it! It did have some really great stories within the story!


It was SO good! I returned the book to my library and a coworker checked it out immediately. I found it very impressive!


Every review of this one has been great. Glad to hear you also thoroughly enjoyed it. I love dystopian fiction and this is definitely on my wishlist. I do have to be in the mood to read it though - otherwise it can get a bit depressing.

Liz F

Currently halfway through and yes you are absolutely right - it is quite brilliant and completely gripping!
My sympathies to Caroline at the loss of her former colleague. I saw live coverage of the press conference given by the French prosecutor on Thursday in which it was revealed that the crash had not been a dreadful accident but a deliberate act and I can't recall having been so shocked and appalled for a long time.


I've been looking forward to your review! I'm definitely reading this, but like you, I do want to pick my moment for it. I am completely convinced by you that at the right time (probably even at-not-quite-the-right-time) it's an amazing book.

I'd like to send sympathies to Caroline too. It's been a horrible incident to read about without knowing anyone on board, so what it must be like to be close to one of victims is unimaginable.


If you like dystopian novels you are going to love this one! I know what you mean by reading a story like this when the time is right--I have to as well. It did have some darker moments, but overall it was quite easy going and ended on a good note.


It is mind numbing to think of the things people do--I cannot wrap my head around such a thing. It certainly helps put life in perspective and I always tell myself to stop groaning about things--especially when something like that happens and so randomly.


I think you will get on with this well, too. Nothing too squeamish about the story, so nothing to worry about! She is such a good storyteller you will get lost in the lives of these people. It took me two goes before the book clicked with me--so just keep it tucked away for the right moment! I feel awful for Caroline, too. What are the chances--and such a devastating thing to happen!

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