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Buried In Print

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this one as I've been eyeing the series as well. I, too, am willing to give a little with "first in series" books, especially with mystery novels. This sounds like fun and I like the sounds of her lists too.


I really liked this and the mystery was good, just more your traditional story without all the snazzy twists that you get sometimes with showier suspense novels these days--if you know what I mean. It seems that often authors are setting out to write a series from the very first and they have to get that first 'setting it all up' book out of the way. I plan on reading more of her--the dilemma is always whether to pick up the second book right away, or move on to another mystery since I have, ahem, boxes full of them sitting there unread and beckoning.... ;)

Joan Kyler

I just finished reading In Big Trouble, a later book in the Tess Monaghan series, and blogged about it ( I've read quite a few of the books in this series and liked most of them. I like Tess, too, and her aunt Kitty, and although I don't know Baltimore well, I've been there often enough to have a passing acquaintance with it. In Big Trouble takes place in Texas and I wasn't as keen on that. Location plays a big role in whether or not I'm attracted to a book.


After the first book you read by Lippman that was so good I am not surprised it took so long to try another. I run into that kind of what-if fear too. But I am glad this one turned out to be good as well. Now you no longer have to worry and can read Lippman to your heart's content :)


What the Dead Know was my first Lippman book, and it floored me, too. I loved it. I think I've only read one or two of her other books, and I haven't read any Tess Monaghans, though I want to. Your review reassures me that I'll most likely enjoy them! Something to look forward to!


I've read one Laura Lippman and really enjoyed it, and would like to read this series from the beginning. Sounds like the first one is excellent.

I'm a big fan of the audio book and almost always have one on in the car. I find I am the opposite of you--I will stick with an audio longer that isn't working than I will a printed book.

BTW, I love the title of that bookstore--so clever!


It is fun to read a book that has a setting you are familiar with--if even a little bit. I think you can visualize it all so much better. Not that you *have* to know it, of course. I like Kitty, too! All the women in Lippman's books seem sort of spunky! Interesting about the change of locales--that happens occasionally in mysteries, doesn't it! I'm with you on being particular about locations--being a mood reader, as I know you are as well, I sometimes pick up a book for setting alone! And thanks for the link--will stop by and read what you have to say!


Now I can pick up the rest of her books at whim! ;) Actually I did not too long ago, buy one of her other standalone books, which I am really looking forward to. When you have such a good reading experience you just don't want to ruin it!


Isn't that funny? We really do have very similar reading tastes! I love twists like that and that was one I totally was not expecting. It still remains in my mind even after all this time and I would happily reread it. I like Tess and look forward to reading the next book. I think she will be a fun character to follow.


Given the choice I almost always try and read a mystery series in order and from the beginning as it is always fun to see how characters change and develop over time. I do like audio books, but all the elements have to be right--the most important, of course, is having a good reader. If a person's voice grates on me.... I am picky too on the sort of story I listen to. If it is too complicated or too many details I do better to read a book. But with a good audio book--I am glued to it just like reading a page turner. It has been a while since I listened to anything and really must see what I have on my audible account as I have a bunch of books I have not yet listened to! Now that the weather is nice, I like to walk outside and listening to audio books makes for better company!


I know that so well - not reading a second book by an author because the first was stellar. I have heard so many good things about her that I need to pick her up. I wasn't aware she wrote a series. This one sounds like a great start.


She's written quite a few Tess Monaghan books--I am looking forward now to the next one. I think you would like Tess-she is an interesting and strong character. I think I have avoided reading the Wexford mysteries by Ruth Rendell as I love her standalone books so much--surely those detective stories can't compare... I have another of Lippman's standalones, however to try at some point.

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