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Lissa Evans

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful review - 'Their Finest Hour and a Half' has now been bought by Harper Collins US (who are publishing 'Crooked Heart') though I don't know when they're planning to bring it out.


This sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable story, and I will put it on my TBR list. (I've got to stop reading your blog, Danielle. It's a rare occurence when I DON'T put a book you talk about on my TBR list!)

Buried In Print

Neither cover illustration immediately pulls me towards reading actually (but, as you know, the book is already solidly on my TBR for content/theme anyhow).

I do like browsing the various covers for books after I've finished reading, to inwardly weigh which fits best with my reading of the story therein. And I love the discussions about the process by which covers are chosen, when publishers and designers are willing to disclose elements of the process, even though I often end up preferring an earlier version that was proposed.

I suppose, if a book is about a relationship between reader and writer, then it only makes sense that we would each have our own personal ideas of how to capture that response in an illustration, right? Perhaps in the digital age we will have more choices in that regard, in years to come.

(Am with you on the Ali Smith or Sarah Waters conundrum. And what kind of love story WERE you looking for, if this wasn't quite it?)


Sounds like a fun story. Neither cover really seems to convey anything about the book as you have described it but I guess the second one is a closer match.

I think you should read How to Be Both next :)


This sounds like a really wonderful read. I like unusual love stories best. I'm not sure about the covers. The second one looks to roaring twenties - US Jazz. The first doesn't tell me anything about the type of book it will be.


Hi Lissa, thanks so much for your kind comment. I loved the book and can't wait to read Their Finest Hour and Half, which I have heard many good things about. I am happy to hear it will be published in the US finally--I think it will do well here. Do you know the scene that struck me the most--when Vee sees her son and Hilde together and the way he looks at her and it stops her in her tracks. She knows that look and how she has never been the recipient. It was heart wrenching--I could sympathize. Anyway, such a great story--thank you!


You know I am always happy to send good books in your direction. I think you would like this one a lot. It will be out later in the summer so you should be able to find it easily at the library!


I knew I wanted to read it once I read the blurb and it turned out to be just as good as I was hoping. I like each illustration in its own way, but I know what you mean by the illustration alone not necessarily being enough to pull me in. I wonder if they will change the paperback covers drastically? And I like doing the same thing--seeing how fitting a just jacket is and whether it works--and too, to hear about how it is designed and chosen--which is something you don't often get to learn about. You would think there would be lots of possibilities for choice in this digital age. I am still not sure which book to pick up next--may have to wait until after my class finishes since I am well into the last two books of class and I think they will demand most of my reading time and attention in the coming two weeks. But I own both Waters and Smith--so I will get to them eventually. As for love stories? I loved this one, but it is a mother-son sort of love--a parent for a child and vice versa. Since I am not likely to have a husband ever again and I seriously doubt I will ever even have another date (sheesh, that sounds sort of sad and pathetic, but maybe it is okay actually--less trouble) I do still like the idea of a little romance and happy ever after endings--even if my own was not one! ;)


Both covers are nice in their own way, but neither are really WOW covers. I am leaning towards Ali Smith as a matter of fact.... :)


I had to think about the US cover and the fox--was there a fox in the story...okay, now I remember. But of all the things that happen in the story--it is sort of a strange choice. I do like it, but if you don't know anything about the story??.... I think the UK version a closer match, and I do sort of like that jazzy feeling--the little person is meant to be Noel, I'm sure. It is certainly dramatic!

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