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Julé (Gallimaufry Book Studio)

I really like your description of Gillespie and I as baroque. It's been a few years since I read this, but it still sticks in my mind. The book seemed like one of those pictures where if you look at it one way you see one thing, but change the angle and the picture is something else entirely. And the writing just fits the story so well. Your write-up makes me want to pick up the book again. (Yes! When 'Common Reader' and 'Daedalus' showed up in the mailbox that made for a good day!)


I'm intrigued, had to go to Amazon and order it.


Ooh, sounds like fun! I like cake and coffee :)


Wow, that now sounds like a must-read. You really have a way of making me want to go right out and borrow or buy the books you really like, Danielle!

Joan Kyler

I smiled when you mentioned the Common Reader book catalogs and 'thumping good read'. I miss those catalogs so much. Mine were always dog-earred, corners on almost all pages turned down. I wish I'd saved the catalogs even though they're out of business. They would have made great lists for TBRs!


I have recommended this book to so many people and they have all loved it. It stayed in my mind long after I had finished it and I found myself going back to re-read some sections after I had finished, just to satisfy myself about some 'things'. Anyone who has read it will know what I spoiler alerts here!


It's not often you get to use a word like baroque and it fits this book so perfectly! :) Isn't she a wonderful storyteller? What happened was so unexpected. I started out liking Harriet very much and believing her but as the story went on I began questioning things, and by story's end...well, I love stories like this! For the longest time I had old copies of the Common Reader catalog--couldn't quite bear to part with them, but they are all gone now. That catalog was a lifeline for me--all those wonderful British books before there was the internet--I made so many great discoveries. And yay for Daedalus--I occasionally order from them as well, but I always look through their catalog with lots of wishful thinking of what I might buy. :)


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. She is wonderful! If you like this one, you'll have to look for her earlier novel, too, The Observations. I wish she had a new book to look forward to.


Yum, me too! Or at least a coffee with a biscotti (my latest favorite treat). And the story is lots of fun--so subtly done!


This one is most definitely worth buying. It has been out for a few years in paper, I think, so maybe you can find it on Paperback Swap or a nice used copy. I think you would like this one!


Mine, too. I kept a few of those catalogs for a really long time, but then they were eventually all recycled, but it would be fun to look back now and see which books they were selling. It was a godsend in those pre-internet days. I know I found a lot of good books from them!


I love stories like this that are slowly told and you believe the narrator until you start seeing the little clues and second guessing her. This would make for a perfect discussion book. This is one that will always have a spot on my shelves and I will happily reread, too!


This sounds absolutely wonderful! I did read The Observations and remember thinking it was great so I will definitely put this one on my TBR list!


I think you would like this one, too. She does a wonderful story with a dash of black humor and nice twists and turns that you don't expect! I hope she is working on another book!

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