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Sounds different. To read crime novels is a great way to learn something about a society and a place. I think the quirks are one of the things that make you love a detective. I suppose you could say his crime TV show watching is such a quirk. One I get very well. :)


I love tahini and blanked out after he picked up spicy tahini which I have never had and didn't know existed and now I want some! Was this a book for your class or did you happen to have a crime novel that fit so well with the reading for class? It sounds like it was pretty good.


I think so too! So much international crime fiction is translated these days, it is often a great place to start when you want to learn about a culture. Detectives always have--or almost always--such colorful personalities-and you expect it it seems. Another draw for reading crime fiction. It is sort of quirky that he doesn't just watch the odd police drama but he likes to critique their style and try and figure out where they make their mistakes. It was a fun little detail. And I tend to watch crime dramas too when I do watch TV (which lately doesn't seem to happen too often).


Isn't tahini what goes into hummus? I love it, too. I could happily eat middle eastern/mediterranean food! I wonder what it is like--hummus? I love reading about food--especially from other cultures. We read Mishani's second book, but you know me--I had to read the books in order! I had the first one on hand before I took the class as I had come across it at the library and knew I wanted to give it a go--reading translated crime novels is always fun!


Tahini is sesame seed "butter" and can be used like peanut butter or other nut butters except it is much thinner and has a sharper taste. Very yummy. I like it on toast and a tahini and banana sandwich is tasty. It is also great on pancakes. Yes, it is often used in making hummus which is also a delicious thing I eat on a regular basis. :)


Oh YUM! I am going to try that now--I didn't realize you could use it just like PB! I *love* sesame seeds. I am going to buy a jar of it next weekend. I love hummus too, but I have never made my own--I am sure it is not hard and I bet it is so much better than those store bought tubs. Hummus on rye crackers is one of my favorite after work snacks. PB and bananas is a good combination, I agree! Thanks--I can't wait to try it!

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