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vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

Oh, I am just *drooling*. I want to read them all! (That is not a useful suggestion, I know.)

Joan Kyler

Even though I have stacks of my own books (many mysteries), I'd like to come to your house and read yours! It looks like you're going to have a ripping summer!

I not only think about reading, I imagine myself reading. There I am, sitting in a comfy overstuffed chair, with a mellow reading lamp, maybe a fire (we don't currently have a fireplace) or with an open window through which blows a cooling breeze. I'm reading a classic, or ancient history, or maybe I'm lost in a mystery. The reality is that when I sit down to read, the cat hacks up a hairball, the phone rings, someone walks past my open window and I catch just enough of a conversation to distract me. Ah, we can dream, can't we?


It's good you introduced this collection of books as you did or I would have fallen off my chair thinking you planned to read them for summer. I was growing very curious about you summer reading plan. It looks totally relaxing and I am sure it will inspire me too.


Oohh, fun lists! A writer I meant to mention when you wrote about Irish books is Gene Kerrigan, a journalist who also writes crime fiction. He seems to put into books what he knows, but might get sued for if it appeared in newsprint. Philip Kerr's books are set in Germany around WWII with all the attendant problems. Martin Walker's Bruno books set in France (tho Walker is English) are wonderful for the characters and food.


Wow, that's impressive, I wouldn't know where to start! I second Julé to recommend Philip Kerr. Also I should also add a French one to your foreign pile: Fred Vargas is a must!


You have got so many good ones here. So many great authors. I have read The Crying Child by Barbara Michaels and seeing it makes me want to read it again. I'm actually rereading a Michaels book right now, House of Many Shadows. And I'm listening to a Peters book, Die For Love. Maybe I'll do a Michaels/Peters reread fest all summer. And some others things too, of course, but I could alternate. Hmmm....

Good luck. Looks like a lot of fun to me!


Me, too. I think I am going to start with one of the Femme Fatale titles--Laura. I think you have read it? And maybe Ron Hansen, too. Why are my eyes (always) bigger than my stomach?


I have a most excellent collection of mysteries as I constantly am buying them. Of course if I saw the books you have on your shelves or you began telling me your favorites I would immediately want to start reading one of those, too! Typical readers! :) I fantasize about sitting in my rocker with a cup of something hot or a bowl of popcorn spending hours on end reading--but it never works out that way--I totally agree. In my case I get so relaxed that I read and then begin to nod sad is that.


Out of all these piles I have whittled them down to a much smaller and more manageable pile to begin with--for choosing purposes. But you know how it goes--something else will come along or my mood will change and I will end up reading something entirely different! I have a few other summer reading plans--but this is where I will start and go from there. Cath--I so owe you an email and a card and I did not forget your birthday, which I am so sorry that I have let pass without wishing you much happiness! I have been thinking of you and hope to write very soon!!


Thanks! I actually have the first two books by Kerrigan--must pull them out and so glad to hear they are as good as they sounded when I bought them! And I do have one of Philip Kerr's books--an omnibus edition I think. Does it matter whether you read the Kerrs in order? I prefer to do so, but sometimes for expediencies sake.... Martin Walker is new to me, however, so I am off to investigate. I love mysteries that give a good sense of time and place--and I always love reading about food! I like a detective who enjoys a good meal--like Andrea Camilleri's character. Wouldn't that be a good list--novels with characters who love a good meal!


This is always the problem--when I start thinking about a genre about twenty books come to mind all at once! Then I can never choose and spend time thinking about all the choices. I DO need to read Fred Vargas. She has won so many CWA awards, too. Do you have a favorite? Or does it matter if you read any of the books first or better to start at the beginning? I think I will have to try Philip Kerr for sure!


I read a number of books by Barbara Micheals and Elizabeth Peters (love her Amelia Peabody books!). I think I would enjoy reading more of her or revisiting some of her books I have read already. It would be fun to read her work this summer--and she was so prolific--you would certainly not get bored!


I do the same thing and Kerr is definitely one to read in order - the first Bernie Gunther is 'March Violets'. (The first in Walker's series is 'Bruno, Chief of Police'.) Lovely idea, but could be dangerous for anyone who's dieting!


You don't have to read them in order because she reintroduces the characters every time, but it's better to choose an earlier book than a later one. She has a series about 4 young men and she has a series with police inspector Adamsberg. I think Have mercy on us all is a good place to start.


Good to know! And nice as I have that book and recall seeing it not long ago. I just need to remember whichpile it was on.... Something French sounds verynice about now, too. Arent her characters, or maybe it is Adamsberg who I am thinking of--sort of quirky? But with crime novels thatisalmost thenorm and part of why I like crime novels so much! :) Thanks!



I prefer to read them in order, too. He has so many out now that I feel behind just thinking about the books! :) I think I have the first three in an omnibus edition that is in one of my bins that I keep my mystery novels in. Or, for the food related books--maybe it could be a way of fantasizing about scrumptious treats while trying to keep away from them? Probably would just make someone more frustrated, though. Sometimes reading descriptions of food just makes me hungry and want to go to the kitchen for a treat.... ;)


Wow! That is a lot to choose from! Such riches and such fun :)


I could spend many summers reading through all my mysteries.... It will be fun to choose--pretty much every different permutation of crime on offer!

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