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I think that is a great quest. Each year, my mystery book group does a geographic theme read. This year, we are reading any mysteries from Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands. I think I actually told them that they could expand to Asia as well, if they wished. Sometimes, books are hard to find at the library.

I do have a suggestion for Antarctica. Had to think about it for a bit, but I knew I had read a mystery set there. In Cold Pursuit by Sarah Andrews. Think it was meant to be the start of a series, but is a standalone. Published in 2007. Sarah Andrews is a forensic geologist and her main characters are also geologists. You might take a look at it. I seem to remember that I enjoyed it.


Sounds like a fun project, but educational, too, as you've already discovered. I was thinking The Ice Limit (by Preston and Child) for Antarctica, but it is set on a ship off the coast of Chile--is that close enough?

One of the local stations is rebroadcasting Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries--have you seen any of them? They are beatifully done and lots of fun. I've only read two of the novels, but definitely want to read more of them.


Have you considered Suzanne Arruda's Jade del Cameron for your Africa read?


Thanks Kay! That sounds great and will be a perfect solution. I have ordered a nice inexpensive second hand copy of it. I knew there had to be something but I haven't had a chance yet to do much searching. I like the idea of a mystery book club and your themed reading. I wish I had something locally, but I have never come across a book club in town catering specifically to mystery lovers. I have plenty of books to read on my own however...


Aren't those the best sorts of projects--where you learn something along the way but are mostly entertained? I was actually thinking I would have to choose something set close to Antarctica or something on a ship in those waters--I have added it to my wishlist.

I have read the first few Phrynne mysteries but never seen any of the TV adaptations. I was going to, but I think I want to read more of the books first. I have heard from my coworkers that the show is very entertaining! I bet the clothes are great (knowing Phrynne!). ;)


She did cross my mind. I read the first Jade mystery and did enjoy it. I was hoping to pick authors who are from each place--where I can anyway. But in any case I want to read more of those books. I was wondering if she was still writing the series, so I had to check and it looks like they are still going strong!


I have a crime novel by an African author many people liked - Tail of the Blue Bird by Nii Aiykwei Parkes and there's the South African Deon Meyer I've not tried yet. And what about McCall Smith's Ladies Detective Agency? Would te count as Africa or not.
Hmmm you're tempting me. Just to think of my own piles ... I should do the same.


How about a novel from Ghana for Africa. I read Wife of the Gods and loved the insight it gave me into local culture. Here's my review if yiu are interested in learning more.


What fun! The choices for Europe are so numerous but I always suggest a little Maigret and Georges Simenon to people. Adore that so much in those slim books is about acute psychological portraits rather than a puzzle to be solved.


For Africa, another suggestion would be one of the Amelia Peabody books by Elizabeth Peters. These are set in late 19th - early 20th century Egypt, and the heroine is the wife of an archeologist.


I had to do a double take with Elinor Lipman yesterday and then today the cover of a Laura Lippman book. Such a variety of reading choices! I hope you got some good reading time in over the weekend :)


I have not heard of Blue Bird, but I will look it up--I want to try and read authors who were born in the country I am reading about, if possible. Preferably who also write in the native language. I have looked at Deon Meyer's books, too, but not yet gotten around to reading any of them. He is on my list. I want to read Alexander McCall Smith, but I have to admit I tried the first Ladies Detective Agency and did not get on well with it. That was ages ago, however, so I should really try again--though maybe jump into the second book. The first is a collection of interlinked stories, I think? Normally this would be right up my alley, but for some reason at the time I found it hard to get into. You should totally join in and read along--I would love to see your choices. It is fun to think about and only seven books, which I think is not too much of a commitment--and I have no goal or deadline--just will read over the course of the summer and into the fall (what a thought--fall--so very far off).


Thanks Karen--I will check out your review! I am not familiar with the book, but I am looking for novels set in places like Ghana and written by authors who live in the place and therefore know it intimately!


The choices for Europe are almost overwhelming! You know I always "mean" to get back to Maigret--I have read a couple of books--and a couple more of Simenon's noir novels, too. They are perfect for their length,but he never scrimped on that psychological insight. Thanks for the suggestion!


I love Amelia Peabody! If I could meet a fictional character, she is on my list! I read a number of books by her from this series years ago, but it has been ages since I picked one up since. I should check to see where I left off. They are fun books and Amelia is a wonderful character! Good suggestion!


I had to keep checking and make sure I was getting the spellings of their names right! I got in a little reading (never enough of course over the weekend) and managed to start a new book.... So, pretty successful, I'd say--even if I didn't even begin to catch up online.

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