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You have made it! How wonderful.


Yay--I am so glad I did not give up on it. For a moment I thought maybe it would be easier to just set it aside for later--but later often turns into years and years--but I knew how much I was enjoying it and wanted to continue--so thanks for your email which (however unintentional) was just the right little nudge for me to give it some undivided attention. The essay on Cardiff is my favorite part so far--now must get back to the Google Doc and read your thoughts on it! Thanks, Cath! :)


This book is sounding most wonderful. I have never seen a bluebell wood in person but I have seen photos. I've been wanting for years to introduce Virginia bluebells into my garden but since I garden on a budget, other things have taken priority. Maybe next year will be the year? Looking forward to hearing about the Cardiff essay!


I'm definitely not a gardener either but I love these descriptions. Keep us posted on what May brings!


Oh yes, do plant bluebells--they are so lovely! I would love to see one someday, too. And all those plants do add up, don't they? I never even gave it much thought--imagine having a really extensive garden and then replanting from seed from year to year!


I love reading about gardens and visiting them--I just don't have a green thumb. And I am curious, too, to see what May is all about--I hope to read it this weekend and write about it before May runs out!

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