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I've wanted to read this book for quite a while. And I thought of Alias Grace as well. I read that one a long time ago. Your description was very, very good. Thanks and now I'm off to see if I've already bought it and don't remember. LOL


That episode of Anne Boleyn is stil vivid for me too even though I saw it quite a while ago. As is the last scene of the last episode. Don't think I will forget that soon. I'm unsure if I could handle a story so sad just now even though it sounds impressive.


I was thinking this sounds kind of like Alias Grace! It seems like a book best read during warm sunny days and not the bleak cold of winter. And wasn't Wolf Hall good?


I thought this book was really good as well. I thought she really gave a strong sense of place -- doesn't exactly seem inviting, but a dramatic landscape!


I think I've read Alias Grace at least three times-it is also excellent! Thanks for the kind words--I was afraid since I started this a while back it would all feel too disjointed to write about but once I started writing I found I had more to say about it than I thought--of course it helps that it was such an interesting and engaging read. I hope you have a copy--it is one that is well worth owning!


I didn't watch the entire series of episodes--it was all hit or miss since I really do want to read the books, but I know enough of the story to know what happens. Even knowing the end it was sort of shocking--and yes, very memorable. It is a wonderful book, this one, but, yes, I think you need to be in the right mood for it, and that is why I am sure I set it aside temporarily--it is very dark going at times.


It reminded me a lot of Alias Grace, though it has been ages since I read it last. I read AG several times, but I am not sure I could pick this one up anytime soon and read it again. I would definitely read it on a sunny day--not the long dark days of winter. I didn't watch all the episodes of Wolf Hall since I really do want to read the books, but I caught some of it. I wasn't specifically watching the last episode for that dramatic ending--it just happened to be on and then I was glued to the TV!


No, it doesn't seem very inviting in this context--and I always seem to see pictures of Iceland with dramatic clouds overcast and snowy terrain. I am sure it is not always like that, but it does make for such a striking setting in this sort of story. It really oozed atmosphere for me. It was so bleak--both the story and the landscape--she had good material to work with!

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