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I love this series. I'm a bit further along than you, but I am behind as well. And by the way, your wish is granted in the next book. Daisy is such a fun character. Who wouldn't like her? And Alec is perfect for her. I read this one several years ago and really don't remember much, but I am reminding myself that I need to get back to this series and catch up.


I enjoy this series, but, a sorely behind. Your review here gives me the boost I may need to get back to Daisy.


Sounds like fun. Love the cover!


Yipes...I've only read the first one! Guess I'd better get busy :)


The author is very prolific, isn't she? I am happy to hear that Daisy and Alec marry in the next book--there were strong hints that is the direction they were heading (as in a quickie wedding--why wait...). They are a great team--both romantically and sleuth--wise! I'm like you, though, I read so many mysteries that the small details all grow fuzzy quicker than I like.


I know--I keep collecting them--as soon as the paper edition of her newest comes out I buy it, but I am not reading them at the same rate--must go and pull the next book from my stack now! :)


They are--light and entertaining. An all round comfort read since you more or less know what you are getting--but that can be a very good thing in some situations. And the covers are a little cheesy, but in a way they are perfect for the tone of the books.


Too many mysteries to choose from! I read one and think I am going to pick up the next right away, but then get tempted by something else and the cycle continues!


Danielle you are making me want to pick up this series! I actually looked through my archives to figure out where I was and I only read the first three books so definitely a long ways to go before I get to book 22!

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

22? Argh. I think I'm up to 4. I feel almost daunted by her productivity! Still, this was a light, fun series and it is definitely time for me to make some more inroads.


I think I am going to dig the next book out this weekend (hmm--maybe even after I finish on the computer tonight...and perhaps can start reading it over the long weekend). it is definitely a series to pick up when you need something light or comforting. I have a long way to go still, too. But maybe that is a good thing?


Impossible to keep up with all these great series, isn't it? I wonder what the later books are like--and how Daisy changes? They are generally quickie reads, too, which is a good thing with so many books to look forward to.

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