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How intriguing! Now I really want to know what's Alice Pemberton's story... I'll look into it at my next library visit!


This sounds like quite an interesting collection of stories--I've enjoyed reading about them as you worked your way through. I think I'll see if my library has it. A nice book of short stories would be a good compliment to the longer fiction and non-fiction I'm reading. Must have something on hand for every whim and opportunity!


This is the last story in the collection then? It sounds like it finishes up with a bang.


This is not what I would have expected from Rebecca West for some reason--though I liked it and now find her even more intriguing! Oh, Alice, what a character! Do give it a read! :)


I know I have something on hand for every whim.... ;) I'm all for it, you know! I think this is a collection well worth searching for and I hope your library has it. You might even find a used copy on Paperback Swap! If you come across it--snap it up! It is a perfect collection to even dip into now and again. There are a number of stories I plan on revisiting, too!


It is the last one. So sad to have finished it actually, but I think I have a few favorites in it that I will definitely revisit. It does end on a bang--that's for sure!


Sadly, my library doesn't have it, but I'll keep my eyes open for it on PBS, or Amazon, or any of the other places I roam looking for books.


That's too bad--maybe you will happen across it. Snatch it up when you see it as it is really an excellent collection!


Fantastic ending of a great collection it seems.
I'm sure I would like this story a lot. I still have one Rebecca West to read The Fountain Overflows. Have you read that?


Yes, this is a collection very much worth owning! It is one of my favorite short story collections and one I am sure I will revisit--at least some of the stories. I have only ever read a few short stories by Rebecca West and The Return of the Soldier which I think I must have read about three times now! I have heard many good things about The Fountain Overflows and even have a lovely NYRB edition of it. I think it might be the first of three novels about the same characters?

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