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Ooh what fun! Something to look forward to!


I love it when a fictional character does that: making me curious and wanting to read what he/she is praising. By the way, your card arrived today and how I liked it:) a real ray of sunshine on a bleak day.


I like it even more than the first book by her I read--she does atmosphere very well! I think this is going to be a good one!


I was so surprised to see Mignon Eberhart mentioned in a short story written by a British author. Somehow it seemed meant to be read--another Eberhart that is. Since she was originally born in Nebraska it seems fitting that I add her to the mystery line up. And I got Your card today, too! How cool is that?! It will go with me to work tomorrow and sit on my desk--something pretty to look at. Are those cherry blossoms, do you think?


Yes, they are cherry blossoms, I seemed to remember you like them very much.


They are lovely--and I do think they are gorgeous! Someday I want to travel to Washington DC when the cherry blossoms are blooming--so thanks very much for the card--it is on display even now! :)

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

I saw a couple of her books in a secondhand shop last week when I was interstate but I was already pushing my luggage limit so I resisted (a rare case for me, indeed, but I had this vision of myself falling over in the plane, crushed by my book-filled hand-luggage...). I loved your recommendation of the Susan Dare stories a while back, so I wish now I had bought them, as one doesn't see them often over here. Bookshop regret...


Oh no--while I am all for avoiding being crushed by books (I often have a fear I will pull one too many books from the top of my own bookcase and cause an avalanche...), I must say--if you see Mignon Eberhart again--do snap her up--I think you will really like her other novels--this one is an especially good one. She is a Nebraska author so I think I might be able to spot some of her books in one of our better used bookstores--I am not sure how often you come across her otherwise. I was even, last week, pulling some of her other books from my library's shelves--though they mostly went back since I really should (I suppose) finish this one first.... I hate bookshop regret by the way--I have also been a victim!

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