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What fun! And a great cover too. Oh that boxed set, it was published just for you :)


My mother and a friend saw this movie as a teen and they both decided that they would name their first daughters Laura. They both did, and it's my name. :) I watched the beginning of the movie that I was named for and was too bored to finish.


Ooh a summer of mysteries - I love it. That boxed set is definitely worth the splurge I think. I have not heard noir romance before but I like the sound of it! Can't wait to hear about the new mystery authors you will discover. I love adding more mysteries to my TBR list.

Desperate reader

I love Caspary's books when I can find them. Hope you continue to enjoy Laura


I want to read Laura--it's already on my TBR list, thanks to reading Sugar and Spice in Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives. I jotted down several authors' names from that collection and think I have some great reading to look forward to. I agree that that era of writing was an exceptional one.


I don't own any Library of America editions, but aren't they oh so pretty? I think I do need this one however. I think I have an ad for them for a discounted set, too! I love those "Femmes Fatales" books--they Do have great cover designs--very 40s Noir!


Oh, how funny! I worked with a girl named Nancy whose mom named her after Nancy Sinatra! ;) Doesn't that make for a great story, though. Too bad about the movie--I think when I finish reading the book I will see if I can get my hands on the film--have to watch it after reading the story and imagining it in my mind.


I have been in the mood for mysteries lately--so why not, I thought! I think I will have to get that boxed set--and I can get it discounted if I order ahead of time, I think. I want to read more of my series that I have left languish, but I do hope very much to also discover lots of new voices--or at least pick up books I have long owned and neglected! Let me know, too, if you come across any not-to-be-missed books--I know you read lots of mysteries as well.


I love the writing style of the 40s--am I just imagining it as being different than now? It feels so polished and the dialogue is really good, too. I have Bedelia by her as well!


I Loved that story collection and wish Sarah Weinman would do a second volume--I discovered so many new to me and wonderful authors and now it is time to read more of their work. There are so many good books from that period in this genre--it was a really fertile time--and of course it has completely exploded since then. I sometimes wonder if there are more mysteries published every year than any other genre? Maybe it only feels that way since I am constantly looking and discovering!


I love that quote. I thought I wouldn't like to read this because Ive seen the movie but now you just made me change my mind. It will be great nonetheless.


I love the writing in this--it reminds me of good Noir 40s writing. I have never seen the movie and will perhaps watch it when I finish reading,but you know how it so often is--the book is better than the movie adaptation. I think it is worth reading for the writing alone, but the story is very engrossing as well!

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

The film of this (which I saw before I read the excellent book) is wonderful. I would really like to read and re-watch both, as they are among my favourites.


After a little hiatus I am back to bringing the book to work with me! I plan on seeing the film when I finish. I love this hardboiled style--I hope the film is in B&W--somehow it feels like it really should be a B&W movie! Did you see this forthcoming book:
I think I need to own a copy....

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