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I read the first couple of Falco books when they first came out. I remember enjoying them, but somehow I stopped reading the series (probably because there are so many books that catch my eye!). I haven't read any books "starring" Flavia, so I think I may have a treat in store. Oh, Danielle, stop tempting me!


I think I might like Flavia too :)

Christine Harding

Falco was dramatised on BBC Radio 4, and was quite enjoyable, but I've never got round to reading any of the books. You make it sound as if I might like Flavia better!


I read the first Falco book years ago with my mystery book group. I'm pretty sure I liked it but for some reason just didn't keep up with the series. You'll have to tell us how this turns out. So far it sounds like it could be fun!


There are a lot of mysteries out there that I want to read. I always think I am going to move quickly on to the next in a series to keep up the momentum but then usually get drawn into something else right away. I like the sound of Falco, but reading about a woman is always more appealing to me. Sorry for the temptations--I am in the midst of so many good mysteries and then have so many more on the pile waiting that look equally good. Very dangerous, I know!


It's a little weird to read about this 'Ancient' character but the language is fairly modern--somehow it doesn't detract from the story, though. And I like Flavia very much.


How interesting--I wonder if I can find an archived copy of it anywhere--just to get a taste. I think I might at some point try one of the Falco mysteries, but I almost always tend to reach for books with female protagonists given the chance! Since Falco is her father, maybe it is a matter of the best of both worlds, since she does talk about him.


It's really hard to keep up, isn't it? Either you just go for a sampling of a lot and read for the 'story' or you stick with a very few to follow. I suppose I do a little of both. I am glad I decided to start with Flavia--since I know so little about the era it would all be new to me, but I do like the female perspective of life in that period.


New book, new author and an interesting setting! Have fun!


It's such a quirky book--a very irreverent heroine, which is always fun, but sort of weird to hear such modern 'voices'. I like it, though. Have to stretch imagination a bit, but that's okay.


I'm curious to hear how you'll like it. I haven't read any books in this series. It's certainly not your every day setting, which is great.


It is very much not what I would normally read. It is a little jarring (but not necessarily in a bad way) to see some of the more modern feeling language, but the facts are there--just the way it is told. I think it would maybe be a mistake to try and write dialogue and such in the sort of way it would have been spoken. I do like the character--she's great!

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