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If it doesn't rain too much I think we might go look at the baby bear cubs at the zoo (rescues in residence till the fall) and if it does rain then..lots of tea & some stitching and listening by the fire :o)
Sending you good wishes for a Lovely relaxing weekend!


I don't see how you could go wrong there--so much good material to choose from. (I miss going to the gym and reading on the bike or stair machine. I've been working out in a class and with dvds lately, so no chance to read. Perhaps I'll dust off my elliptical trainer and remedy that this weekend!)

Other than the aforementioned elliptical, I plan to ride my horse this morning, and watch playoff hockey this afternoon. Our pro team is in the playoffs and we're having hockey fever in the Tampa Bay area. I'll be reading a vintage mystery (Hag's Nook, by John Dicson Carr) and at least two other books whose exact titles escape me at the moment and I'm too lazy to go find them. I might also make some scones!


I had a Tin House subscription and liked it very much.
I winder how you'll like The Water is Lovely. It's one of my favourite books of hers. The year I read it was one of Top 10.


I have been writing you a card telling what I am reading just now, reason why I keep quiet about it here:). Maybe add a small flower to water?


Hope you've had a great weekend, Danielle! We've had lots of rain around here too and I should have gotten more reading done but you know how that goes. I haven't seen World Lit in my bookstore either. Such a bummer when magazines tend to disappear from the shelves.


So many and hopes and plans! I wonder how it went? Well I hope!


I hope you got to see the baby bears--I really need to go to our local zoo as it is really well done (as much as zoos can be well done). I think there have been tiger cubs which have been a huge draw! Sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend--now just a few more days to the next and a nice longer one here. I need the break! :)


Well, I did some things and not others. I got to see Once--the last of my season Broadway tickets and I think my favorite of the lot! If I didn't get to read when I was at the gym I might not enjoy going so much! :) Whatever didn't get finished last weekend can carry over to the long holiday weekend coming up--plus Far From the Madding Crowd opens...and I hope to see it. Did you make your scones? YUM! (What flavor--and I hope you had them with a nice cup of tea or coffee).


I used to have one, too, but then gave it up. I think I still have those back issues somewhere.... I am thinking of subscribing again since I am much more of a short story reader these days. Oh, and I am loving the Rendell--she is always good. You think you are reading one sort of story, but she always manages to give a few twists and turns. I have waited far too long to read her again--must pick up more of her unread books I have on hand. I can see why you would call this one a favorite!


Yay--a card to look forward to. And I just dropped one in the mail to you yesterday, too! Something nice to look forward to in the mail. And yes, that little fairy does need to water something! Coming soon..... ;)


It was nice but too fast. Isn't that always the case?! My library used to subscribe to WLT, but it was cancelled several years back. I finally broke down and ordered the issue online--hopefully it is speeding its way to me now!


Just as you would expect--some things done and enjoyed and others not! There is never enough time. But a nice long weekend to look forward to--and likely more of the same sort of plans!


I loved Once! It was one of my favorite shows in our series. They made a movie of it, and that's good too, if you get a chance to see it. (I liked the play better than the movie, however.)

I didn't make the scones until Monday, but I did make them. Ginger Coconut, my current favorite. With this recipe, you can make a big batch, freeze the unbaked scones, then bake as needed. I have one with my coffee every morning. And sometimes with my afternoon tea...


I watched the trailer as I was curious what the movie was like--I am sort of tempted to watch it, but I won't right away, I think. I loved the musical and think it would be so hard to top it. I don't want to ruin the nice memory of it. Ginger coconut sounds delicious! I haven't had a scone in ages-but perfect with coffee or tea. I would have to ration them--or freeze them like you do, or it would be too dangerous to bake them!

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