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I'm not really a mystery reader but it seems to me via other people who are, that so many detectives these days have traumas or dark pasts or some big personal drama they have to overcome, so it must be nice to have a detective who is pretty normal for a change. Makes it seem different, at least from my secondhand perspective :)


Actually it really is sort of nice. He is just sort of average every day someone you can relate to since his life isn't all that different! He was one of my great discoveries from my class--I need to get back to my Israeli lit--I took a little breather after this one but I have a whole stack of books to choose from now!


Ok, I really must check this detective out - he sounds so "normal" compared to most others! :)

And, haven't read any Israeli mysteries or fiction so that would be a plus!


How refreshing to 'meet' someone without all the usual hangups, eh? How curious when normal is angst-ridden and anxiety-laden characters--lol. I think there are not a whole lot of Israeli crime writers--you could check out Tel Aviv Noir in case you have an inkling--we read a few of the stories in my class. And I have Batya Gur to read this summer, too. She wrote a few mysteries set in Jerusalem and her detective is an 'intellectual'. Now that I am thinking of it--I think I need to pull that first book out as I want to begin reading it soon!

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