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I want to read something by Runcie, I think I will like him. I just finished Leaving Everything Most Loved by Winspear. Mysteries are fun and so varied aren't they?

vicki (skiourophile/bibliolathas)

Paris in July is always good fun - and never hard to find something French-ish lurking on my shelves, though now you've reminded me that there is a new Vargas that I haven't read too...


I was hoping there would be a Paris in July this year - thanks for noting it!


This month is 'month of the thriller' in The Netherlands. Marion Pauw has written the gift book. I think she has not yet a book in translation though. I'm afraid I'm no good recommending mysteries or thrillers, I always get my inspiration from you :). I am pondering starting Wolf Hall, the hefty Hilary Mantel novel for summer. I originally planned reading that last summer but then some writing took it's place, do you remember? Will I dare 664 pages while being in a prose reading impasse?
Over the past few weeks we have been watching a Swedish series: Camilla Läckberg: The Fjällbacka Murders. Liked that very much.

Sam Sattler

I'm hoping to go back and read the first three books in Timothy Hallinan's Poke Raferty series because the later books in that series have all been excellent. I hate when this happens...starting a series mid-way or somewhere near the last book. That kind of forces me to consider the earlier books as pre-quils just to keep everything straight in my head.

Also reading the very last Charlie Resnick book right now (by British author John Harvey) because Resnick is being officially put to pasture in this last book. I've read the rest of the series already and can easily identify with what Charlie is going through at this stage in his life. Gonna miss the old boy.


I'm getting ready to start a new mystery. I'm going to choose one from my own shelves, and probably one that will count for the Vintage Mystery Challenge--will it be a Ngaio Marsh story? One starring Gervase Fen, or perhaps Sherlock Holmes? Or maybe even Perry Mason? I used to love those stories when I was a teenager and I have a copy of one I borrowed from my mom.

Of course, there's always the chance that I'll choose something altogether different...that's one of the great pleasures of reading. Hope you're having a wonderful reading weekend!


Oh I had forgotten about Paris in July. I'm so behind on my reading challenges... But who knows, maybe I'll go for it! And, I love the idea of a Shirley Jackson reading week! Here's to great summer reading!


I did'nt dare afterall. Started Marilynne Robinson's Gilead instead.


I love mysteries and am getting quite a sampling of them this summer. I have the newest Jacqueline Winspear Maisie mystery started and am quite liking it, though it is darker than her previous books. I love the Runcie stories and have gotten in line (unfortunately a long one!) for the TV adaptation. I think I like mysteries for just the fact you mention--lots and lots of variety!


If only it was the real thing and not just visiting through the pages of a book (though at least there is that--a good story!). I am sure I have lots of French mysteries I could choose from--I have yet to read a single Vargas mystery and really must rectify that!


I have actually kind of sort of been keeping up with my Feedly feed and so saw it announced. I won't join in officially but still hope to read along in some way. :)


How fun--I like the idea of a themed read like that--and perfect for summer. You are right about Marion Pauw--nothing yet, but I see a forthcoming book by her called Girl in the Dark--but not until next February! So long to wait. The Amazon blurb notes she just might be the Dutch Gillian Flynn! Oh well, something to look forward to and I still have a little stack of Dutch mysteries from last year. Maybe I need another by Janwillem van der Wetering?! I do remember you had planned on reading Wolf Hall! It is hard sometimes to stick to plans--mine so often get derailed! I have yet to read Camilla Lackberg--though she is very popular here, too. I had no idea her books had been made into a TV show. Is it Dutch?


Well, you will know when the time is right. I had been planning on reading The Iliad and the Oddyssey this year--have a stack of books to read in relation to it and they just sit there in my bedroom waiting for the 'right moment'. When it comes to books like the Mantel or Homer--definite planning needs to go into them as they seem like they really demand and deserve focused attention. In my case--I wonder when that moment will be right!


It is always sort of sad when an author plans on closing a series--I especially hate it when it is one I have really loved and am not ready for. I have not read John Harvey--but I have a few of his books, too (as yet unread--surprise!). I almost always start at the beginning when it comes to mysteries. I tell myself it is okay to just jump in--and why be so unbending but I feel like I am missing something otherwise. I just today discovered that a mystery writer who had published two books in 2008 or so has finally published a third! How did I miss it? I think she lost her publisher and had a hard time with the next book, but I have now ordered it and will have it soon. The question is--do I reread the first two books since they were read more than five years ago? Such a dilemma!


I love choosing new books. I have two mysteries on the top of my 'ready to read' pile but I am trying hard to not look at them until I have finished something else since I have so many started. Summer reading project or no, I need to finish books before jumping into the next one. I have listened to some Perry Mason radio dramatizations and very much enjoyed them. I would love to read some of the Fen mysteries--looks like you have some fun choices to decide between. I always need to have a pile to look at and then whittle down to one. :)


I have been trying not to be tempted by them--though it is always fun to think about what I *would* read if I was going to join in. I really do hope to read a Shirley Jackson book this summer--I just need some vacation time now.


No it is Swedish, with Dutch subtitles.


That makes sense--I was thinking it might be a BBC production. I have a feeling, however, that we will not get the show here in the US. American audiences are notoriously bad about watching foreign shows--they never show up on regular TV--such a pity. We never did get the original version of The Killing which was hugely successful in Europe. Instead it was remade here in the US. Oh well--more of a reason to read the books! Oh--your Carl Larsson card came--I love it! Yes, he is very distinct and I have long admired his paintings--I had not seen that one and it will now go on my shelf in my bedroom! Thank you. I hope to write out some cards very soon, too! :)

Rebecca H.

I'm very curious about Vera Caspary's Laura -- I know very little about it, but it caught my eye on a list somewhere as a possibility for my mystery book group. I hope you like it when you get there! It looks like you have a ton of great reading ahead.


Summer must last a lot longer in Omaha than it does in Minneapolis ;)


Feminist Press has a whole line of books that are 'Femmes Fatales' titles and they are great. It is interesting to think what women were writing during the 40s, 50s, and the books are just as good--maybe even better in some cases than male authors. Women seem to have a knack with mystery and crime writing. My mom loves this movie by the way. I also read a story or two by her--my introduction to her--and she is indeed very good! I do have a stack of good books--now I need more time to read them in. I hope you are having a terrific summer so far-and also filled with good books, Rebecca! So nice to hear from you!


I'd say so. Maybe this will be my fall reading list, too! ;)


I don't think I could handle the heat and humidity of summer while I finish this stack...yikes!

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