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I've treasured each of her novels -- i've read most of them. My favorite is, I believe, a masterpiece: The Plague of Doves.

She's also written two works of nonfiction that I love: The Blue Jay's Dance: A Birthyear and
Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country.


Good stories! I have read a couple of Erdrich's books, they are pretty good. You know she owns a bookstore here in Minneapolis? Birch Bark Books. It specializes in books by and about Native Americans but has other stuff too. It's not easy to get to for me so I've never been but I hear it is a nice little shop.


How have I managed not to read anything more than a few of her short stories? That hasn't stopped me from beginning to 'collect' her books. I think I have The Beet Queen and one of her later novels just waiting for me. I am not familiar with her nonfiction work--if she has written a memoir I imagine it would be fascinating to read. Thanks for the suggestions--I am off to check them out.


Yes, this was a great short story weekend. I am already contemplating what I will read later this week. The New Yorker story is another by Alejandro Zambra--I have a couple of his novellas--what do you want to bet I will read this story and then will want to go grab those books! I did know she has a bookstore--only because this past school year I had to order a children's book from them! I bet it is a very cool bookstore--maybe someday I will even get to visit.

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