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My library has this one too, the only one in the Sidney Chambers series so far, I might try it, having liked the television series so much.


What the Dickens!! LOL

I want to read these books and am so glad you reminded me. I, too, watched a couple of the episodes, but then somehow didn't watch others. Need to do that too.


This isn't the kind of thing I usually read but your review has sold it to me! Adding to the tbr list ...


I really enjoyed it--maybe a bit more than a traditional cozy, but not an outright dark crime novel either. I enjoyed the few episodes I watched, but as I fell behind in reading I decided to wait and watch the whole run of shows--now I have that to look forward to. What I did see, however, I liked very much.


Ha! Dickens really does steal the show and he is quite a character in the book, too. The first book was a fun read and I look forward to the next, which I think will be a full, complete novel. (At least I think so). I rarely get to watch a whole season of anything on TV--but I don't mind since I can usually stream the shows at some point or if I am lucky my library will have gotten the DVD! If I can get my hands on the set soon, I might even watch it this weekend....


I hope I have not steered you wrong--I really enjoyed the book as well as the few episodes I saw on PBS. It is a cross between a cozy and a crime novel--sort of different and well done.


I've read all four books in the series and enjoyed them (the fourth is a little more sketchy than the others, as is so often the way). They are all interlinked short stories, sometimes six, sometimes four. I think the second volume was my favourite. I found I had to get into them, as the style is very particular, but they are all easy, charming, cosy reads, and it's for that reason I enjoy them! He has cosy down to a tee.


I didn't realize they were all story collections--interesting! Makes adapting them to TV and a series of shows easier, eh?! I don't mind, however, as I am fond of short stories. I am happy to hear I will be picking up the best of the batch next. Yes, they are lovely cozy reads--always good to have a few of those on hand! :) (And it is hard to keep up the momentum--there is always at least one or two that doesn't quite live up to its reputation).


You have reminded me that I must get on and read the third book and buy the fourth!

The series has been recommissioned in the UK, so I hope it gets out to the U.S.


Wonderful review Danielle. I have a feeling I would really enjoy this series. The setting, the characters, all sounds like something I would enjoy. I have not watched the series on PBS but my mom watches it and she really enjoys it. She is also hoping there will be a second season!


I enjoyed the DVDs of this series very much, it was so delicious! Glad that you like the books too, and I too hope that there will be another season!!


I am sure PBS will air it if there is going to be a new season--so happy to hear that. I have gotten in line to properly watch the first season but the library line is a long one--I have a feeling I am going to be waiting for it for a while. I have the second book ready to go in any case.


I love the characters-Sidney is wonderful and the TV adaptation seems to capture the characters well. It is a very nice cozy and a good author to have on hand I think. I sort of like that the books are interlinked stories--you can pick them up and set them down a little more easily without feeling like you are loosing the thread of the story.


Yes, what I saw I really liked and delicious is a good word--not only because James Norton is pretty easy on the eye...but that helps. ;) I am so happy to hear they are continuing on with filming the books--something to look forward to.


Am I detecting a bit of a literary crush here? ;)


Oh yes, indeed-y! He is a most 'crushable' character! Did you see any of the episodes streaming? Why don't I ever meet men like him? I guess I need to step inside the pages of a book, eh?!

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