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Ah!! I so relate to the difficulty in selecting I generally don't have several books going at once, but it is maddening when one can't find that "thumping good read" that one so wishes to be reading RIGHT NOW! And I've done the same thing: ordered a book, waited with excitement for it to come, hold it and smell its newness, and then put it on a shelf. All but forgotten. It comes from being a bit of a book glutton, I think. In a good way.

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

Poor "bridesmaids"! But that feeling that something new is a bit of a bogey is so familiar. And I love the sound of the Quinn - lots of things about that sound perfect for me.


I can certainly identify with the excitement of ordering and receiving a book, then putting it aside for what turns into years! That's how my TBR shelves came to be in the condition they're in. This book does sound like a winner, and hopefully will give you all the enjoyoment you wished for when you first bought it.


Yes, I know I am very much a book glutton. I have been very bad of late, too, as I have been too tempted by all those new summer releases and it seems as though I have a steady influx of book packages arriving in the mail. Not that that is a bad thing per se, but when am I supposed to squeeze in reading them all?? I have a nice pile of in progress books and lately have been on a roll picking just the right book for my mood--but as you can see the choice can be really sort of agonizing. I think I need to be better at just relying on my own instincts and not letting those Amazon reviews sway me (beside if I start something that isn't quite right it can easily be set aside!). In this case I think gluttony is not such a bad thing at all! ;)


I know--here I was trying to make sure the bridesmaids got their chance and look what happened. Although, the Quinn has been sitting there for ages and in hardcover (!). As it turns out I am very much loving the story and highly recommend it if it appeals. I actually don't mind lugging that hardcover back and forth to work at all!


I am very much enjoying it and find myself reaching for it quite often so a good choice in the end--even if it was a circuitous one. I have been buying books like crazy lately--definitely giving in to whims far too often and must slow things down. I am trying to make myself wait at least a day before hitting that order button. If a day later I still want a book so very badly (and have checked to see if I can borrow it somewhere else first) than I will let myself consider the purchase.... Oh, to have more self control!


Maybe it took so long to get the the Quinn because it just wasn't yet the perfect moment. And now because it is you will like it even more than you expected :)


I know--I often think that myself. The time just wasn't right before and the stars needed to align themselves just right--in any case this has been a perfect choice for my mood and my needs and wants from a book at the moment!


Sometimes I feel like it takes me forever to pick up a new book. I'll stand in front of my shelves and just be overwhelmed! There are books that I think I'm ready for and before I know it they are back on the TBR pile. Like you said, eventually they'll get their moment! Hope you enjoy the Quinn book - I do like that cover.


I hate it when I feel like I *have* to have a book and then buy it in hardcover only to let it sit until it is long out in paper before I end up reading it. (Sometimes I think books even go out of print by the time I get to them!!). I have more than once set a book aside only to try again later and it will click--but I wish I was a little more patient about waiting for paperbacks to come out! The Quinn has most definitely found its moment!!


Oh, and I think the cover is really good, too!

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