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I'm listening to this on audiobook right now. I love the reader! The beginning of this book was quite shocking!


I love this series, too! Its one of my absolute favorites. I cried with this story and can't help but wonder now what Maisie is up to. I feel like she is a dear old friend that I check in with now and again - hopefully the again will be soon (fingers crossed that Winspear is working on a new MD novel as I type this). I loved your post and can tell just how much you enjoy these books as well. I agree that this book was much slower-paced, but I suppose it had to be in order to reflect Maisie's state of mind. I'm in the middle of re-reading it and plan on reading The Care and Management of Lies soon. Enjoy it!


I have to ask, have you read the Ruth Galloway series by Ellie Griffiths? She's a forensic anthropologist living in Norfolk. Really love the series.


This is one of my favorite mystery series too. I have about 10 that are must reads for me, including Donna Leon and Andrea Camilleri.


Looks like Maisie has a lot of fans! Count me in as I've read the entire series and am eagerly awaiting the next installment.


Glad it was so fun! I wonder what it is like to write such a series? How much of a challenge it must be to keep the character fresh but also within the parameters of what has already been established.


I listened to the very first book on audio (after having read it twice!) and enjoyed it very much. I wonder who the reader is--I liked the audio version of the first book, too. A good reader can really make a good audio book! Glad you are enjoying it.


I really do love the Maisie novels--I sometimes wish they would film them and make them into a series--but only if they chose a really good cast! I really enjoyed the book, though it was hard going at times considering how much had happened to Maisie in this story, which is exactly why it was slower going. I actually set it aside for a little while, but look forward now to see where Winspear takes Maisie!


I have read the first book and keep meaning to read the next--especially since the first ended in something of a cliffhanger. I think I have the next three or so books! (And the other book that Griffiths wrote that is a historical mystery). Just need more reading time..... :)


I have read both Donna Leon and Andrea Camilleri (a love of Italy, too, eh?!), but it has been a while since I picked up any books by either author. I think the only other series I have read nearly all the books is Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series--though I am about two books behind now. I have lots of others that I read--like Carola Dunn but can't seem to keep up! :)


I think she is very popular--the books read so quickly, too. I was a long wait between this book and the previous one--hopefully the next will come quicker!


You must get really attached to the character, though I suppose to make it interesting you have to really jazz things up,which is sort of what Winspear has done--so much has happened to Maisie--she is certainly not the same old boring character. Sometimes I almost wish she was as things have changed considerably from the earlier books to this one. I am curious to see where the author decides to take Maisie next--I was just afraid that might be the last book, though (fingers crossed) I don't think it is.


This is one of my favorite mystery series - and I need to read this one.


I really enjoyed the first one as well and wouldn't mind returning to her.
I would be so impatient if I had a favourite series like you and would have to wait for the next book. I hope for you she's writing it already or maybe it will even be published soon. I'm reading the fourth Frieda Klein novel (Nicci French). She's a character I like a great deal. The next is already out but in hardback. This fourth one is btter that the third.


It is a pivotal sort of book--I won't say more but it makes me intensely curious to know where Winspear is taking Maisie next!


I really must give Nicci French a try--I did try reading one of her other (I think it was a standalone) novels but it didn't quite capture my attention at the time. I think I would like these books with the recurring characters so much more--I am sure my library has them! I like it when I find a character I like or can relate to. I wonder if Jacqueline Winspear knows yet what she is going to do with Maisie? She seems to be getting closer to working not exactly as a spy, but on cases that are perhaps somehow related to the coming war. I get the feeling she is going to return to London and pick up her inquiry work again--we'll see if I am right or not! I at least have her WWI novel to look forward to reading!

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