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What a great vintage mystery. I've not read any by this author but I'm definitely intrigued! I just started a new mystery today but definitely not a cozy one.

vicki (skiourophile/bibliolathas)

Definitely one for me - love a good foggy mystery. You recommended her Susan Dare stories before, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.


This sounds wonderful. I love the title and I'm gald to hear the book is just as evocative. I hope I can find it. I love atmospheric books.


I've never heard of her. First of all, what a great name!
I had to go look her books up in the library catalogue. Sadly just a couple of them, in large type only. But hurrah there is plenty to read via Scribd. I'll definitely add her to my Tbr list


Sounds like this was a fun one!


She's really good, if you ever come across her books. I have a few more on my shelves and will pick up another one eventually. I think she was quite popular in her day. I am in the middle of a number of really good mysteries, and think I know which one I will choose next--it helps keep me focused to know there is another one waiting for me.


She does atmosphere so well! I have loved all the books by her I've read (or dipped into). I love vintage mysteries--must read more of them!


It is--it all makes sense in the end, but there is a creepiness in all that fog and disembodied voices! Not fluffy really, but very entertaining. I hope you will find here, too. She was born in Nebraska, so my library has most of her work in the collection. I think it would be fun if her books were made into movies--not sure if any of them ever were.


Isn't Mignon a great name? It sounds French? She was working at the same time as Agatha Christie--she was born in Nebraska where I live, but I think she moved to Chicago for a time and then moved to the east coast. Sorry to hear your library only has large print (which I cannot read--well, it bothers me too much to read). I think most of her books have been reissued as ebooks--is that what Scribd is? Must check that out. If you like vintage mysteries, she is well worth looking for!


Yes, it was the other book I read by her was equally as good. You can't beat a foggy setting for a good mystery!

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