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Harriet Devine

Please make it Isabella Bird. I can never think of Colorado without remembering her amazing account of a winter there! Sounds like a lovely trip for you -- I'm envious.


I do not blame you for being excited. We have visited Estes Park and all that area and it is gorgeous. And reading to the sound of water is lovely. Enjoy, enjoy!!


So excited for you! Enjoy every minute of trip anticipation, especially choosing your reading material.


Fun! Are you still going by train or did that change too?


I am definitely going to read Isabella Bird as my copy is one of those cool little Penguin Journeys editions. I think that should be very manageable in the coming month! I wouldn't mind reading something by Sandra Dallas as well! It sounds like you have been there as well? Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait. I wish we were leaving this weekend, but then again, maybe having a little time to plan and think about it--a nice sort of anticipation will just help extend the pleasure!


I was there when I was really little but recall nothing of that visit. When we went last year I loved it. It is so beautiful. I think I could happily live there--though maybe I would have to see what the winters are like first....? I recall vividly still sitting next to the Fall River in the sunshine with my book (I was reading Sandra Dallas!) and listening to the water. Talk about a pleasant calming sound!


I am very excited. I have two coworkers who like to travel to CO and I thin I must have spent the first hour of my work day (ahem--made up for it by serious industriousness for the remaining time of course!) talking about Estes and things to do! How well you know me---yes, I am already thinking of books to take. I might take a bag (literally) of books since we are driving--but I might just take books that are partially (or maybe even half) read and try and catch up on that in progress pile. I like having such a nice anticipation to keep me going now. Are you planning any trips this summer?


I am totally excited. We will drive as I think the train would only get as close as Denver. It goes through Glenwood directly so that would have been perfect. I think you pretty much have to drive up through the canyon to get there--not sure any trains go through. I am sorry the train won't work, but think I will enjoy Estes just a tiny bit more than Glenwood.


So glad for you. I remember vividly you told last year about sitting at the stream watching the water. It's such a perfect way to relax!


That's the great thing about driving--you can take all the books you want!

No, we're not planning any trips. Our old dog requires too much "management" for us to leave. She gets medication several times a day, and also gets easily confused. We might be able to manage an overnight at the beach, but probably not much more. We'll just have to make do with armchair travel for now.


I am counting down the days! Remembering sitting by the river and reading in the sunshine is a memory I draw from Very Often! Sometimes it gets me through difficult days, so I am really excited to be going back and even to the same 'cabins' where we stayed--maybe we'll be close to that same rock that sat on and I can do so again. Fingers crossed for pleasant weather.


What a beautiful image so I can imagine how excited you must be about your upcoming vacation. To relax among such beauty, walk, read, oh it all will be wonderful! The only place I've been to in Colorado is Vail but I would love to go back and explore some other places. Let the countdown to vacation begin! :)


It is so gorgeous there. You know what the mountains are like! I can't wait! I have already mentally started packing. I don't want to wish the time between now and then away too quickly--it is nice to anticipate a trip, but I am still ready for August!

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