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I totally believe in the 'right book at the right time' philosophy. It has happened to me over and over. :-)


I think you are right, timing is a big factor in whether a book speaks to us or not.


In a way there is something comforting in thinking about it--I sometimes will pick up a book after owning it for year and years and it will just 'click' which makes me think that every book has it's day and that maybe I am destined to pick up books at the right time (if I am lucky). Anyway, this is the right moment for this one!


I think I am sometimes just not ready to read a book and to force it makes it a slog! Another reason, I guess, for setting a book aside that I am just not enjoying!


He wanted to grow up to be a book! Oh that is so sweet and charming and ambitious all at once. I can see why you are enjoying the book so much!

Buried In Print

Grow up to be a book: what a fantastic idea! That alone makes me want to add this one to my TBR. Enjoy!


Isn't that a hoot! That's what this book is like--magical and wonderful and wonderfully perceptive!


Who ever thinks to say such a thing, but how true it is! This is an exceptional book---it will be one of my very best reads of the year--I already know that!


I started this at the wrong time. I loved it but I had to put it aside and didn't pick it up again. Now, I'll have to start all over again but I guess I wouldn't mind so much because it's truly amazing.


Definitely there is magic in the right book/right time equation. And on the strength of these two snippets I think I would be friends with this book, despite its intimidating length. Thanks for sharing!


It is a wonderful book and I know what you mean by having to start over (but not minding). I read a number of excerpts for my class and when I was reading again I remembered it all but it was a pleasure just to read his writing again. I want to read more of his work--including a reread of My Michael. Did you travel to Israel before? I have this strong desire now to visit Jerusalem--maybe someday-I expect airline tickets must be rather exorbitant from the US!


It is a hefty book, but it is nicely designed--not too heavy and falls open easily--which is always a bonus when it comes to chunky books. It may well come on vacation with me, but I have been taking it to work every day--I also take a couple of others so my bag is sort of loaded down, but it is worth it! :)


I couldn't agree more that timing is everything when it comes to choosing the right book. I've tried a couple that I KNOW are brilliant, but I just wasn't in the appropriate mood, didn't finish them, and they have been coloured for me ever since.



If I am not clicking with a book I don't try to force myself to read or finish it, if I can help it. The first time I tried Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White, I just couldn't get into the story. I picked up the book a few years later and loved it. Now it is one of my all-time favorite books. You are right, though, sometimes a book read at the wrong time will ruin it!

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