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They looks so lovely these books, don't they?
Cheese isn't an appealing title but the story sounds really good.
I hadn't heard of the London Mysteries coollection.


I know exactly how that feels, too...every single day, basically. Thank goodness for AC and ceiling fans. :)

I'm sure you'll enjoy your search for short stories and come up with something quite delightful, as you always do. I have several collections myself now, thanks to you.

I picked up one you might be interested in, and I think an edition comes out every year: The Best American Non-Required Reading. It's an anthology of both fiction and nonfiction, chosen by high school students.


Seems like each time I read your blog I go on a book buying binge or at least add to my Amazon Wish List. Went to look at the British Museum books, checked the price on Capital Crimes and went to see if Amazon had it and of course they did so I had to order it.

John Edwards

i've read a few of those British Museum books now. They were all great and good 1920s / 1930s fun. (I was sure it was you who recommended them! Or did you just make me aware of them?)


Danielle--"qui" above is me--I don't know what happened there!


Cheese sounds like a fun jam-packed story! We've gotten the humidity too. It has eased off today and for the next day or two but it promises to be back just in time for the weekend. Of course! Hope you are staying cool!


I think the series is very nicely designed--love the cover illustrations! Cheese is indeed a weird title, but after reading the story it makes sense-not exactly a big draw to read maybe, but then I knew the author which is what made me pick up the book. I think it is quite popular these days to reissue older, once popular, books--maybe easier for publishers too?--Since the works are already out there (and they don't have to always deal with authors who might likely no longer be alive).


I could not live in FL, I don't think! The humidity really zaps my energy and it is hard accomplishing anything! I think I have found just the right short story collection and have even started read the first one--the stories are by one author....

I have heard of the non-required reading series-it is not one my library gets every year but I bet I can find it at the public library. It's nice to dip into books like that--what I like about shorter works!


I wondered who 'qui' was. Typepad was being naughty no doubt!


I am always happy to enable others to buy books! :) Don't feel bad, though, I very often have exactly the same problem--when someone else is enthusiastic about a book I want to read it, too! I think we can get all those books over here, too, luckily.


I was actually thinking you might have introduced them to me, John! Maybe we are just on the same wavelength and heard about them at the same time. I really must indulge and buy a couple--there are lots to choose from now and I am sure I would enjoy them. I love that era.


It would make a great B&W film--you know the sort with the heroine who shows all sorts of moxie and is sort of light-hearted even while being suspenseful? I love old movies like that, and this story has just that feeling to it. Today has been 'cooler' since we've had rain almost all day, but still quite humid. Much more bearable however. The heat will be back though--I've already seen the forecast. Ugh.

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