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I, too, read "Voyage of the Narwahl" so many years ago I can't recall much of the plot and characters. I loved it so much, however, that Andrea Barrett stayed on my radar. She's a wonderful writer and I've always been a little puzzled that she doesn't seem to be better known. That being said, I have a copy of "Ship's Fever" which has been sitting, unread, on my book shelves for a long, long time! Inspired by your review, however, I retrieved m copy and even did a brief Amazon search of Barrett's works. I discovered, to my surprise, that she's written SIX novels and three collections of short stories. I ended up getting another Barrett novel, "The Middle Kingdom," about an American woman who disengages from a loveless marriage (to a climate scientist, no less) and falls in love with Chinese culture in the Beijing of the 1960s. Hopefully, I'll get it read in the next few weeks.


Ooh, sounds like the beginning of a good collection! I keep thinking I have read Barrett before but I'm pretty sure I haven't. Maybe I am just remembering you reading her. I'm not sure if I should be worried that I am having trouble remember what books I have read and what books friends have read!


I read this collection last fall and just loved it! I've since read Voyage of the Narwhal and want to pick up her other books sooner rather than later. :)


I was thinking exactly the same thing. I think she is well known and well regarded but I don't see much chatting going on about her in the book blogosphere. I started 'collecting' her books after reading Voyage of the Narwahl, and now it is time to read something more by her. I think this is going to be a very good choice for me right now. I was surprised she had written as much as she did--I hadn't realized. I did order Archangel, and I have a novel in hardcover by her that I am interested in reading soon. Let me know how you get on with The Middle Kingdom. I was tempted by it, but I thought I had better wait to order more until I at least read the story collection. I can't wait to read the next one, but I have a little 'mental schedule' of other things I need to get to first. Short stories are usually saved for Friday and Saturday, and sometimes Sunday, too!


I think you would like her--you'll have to add her to your wishlist if you don't have any of her books on your shelves. Unfortunately I often have trouble recalling whether I have read a particular book or not. And worse, I sometimes will buy a book that I already own... OOps!


Isn't her writing really marvelous?! I started reading that story and just fell into it. Those are always the best reads for me and all the better when it is a short story. I want to read more of her, too--would love to pick up one of her novels next!

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