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Oh I'm so intrigued about the short stories you read from your friend and fellow book blogger! How wonderful. I hope they do get published so we can all read them. It's always so fun to read about your short story discoveries. I keep telling myself I must read some!


I don't often read short stories (or follow links) but I did both after reading this and read the Zambra story with huge pleasure. And it was great that it came with a New Yorker cartoon as a bonus. Must do this more often! Thanks.


I'm lucky she shared them with me--it is not often I get to read a writer's work when it is not yet published. My fingers are crossed for her--they are both really well done. I love short stories and am addicted to them--I have lots of books piled up by my bed right now that tempt me, so it was a nice splurge this weekend to read several rather than my usual two. I hope you can read a few this year, too!


I'm so glad you liked the Zambra--I thought it was a fun one and very clever. I love the New Yorker stories--especially the older ones, sometimes it is hit or miss with the contemporary stories, but mostly I really like them. It's cool that anyone can read the stories--they are usually offered online. After I read Zambra the first time I went out and bought two of his novellas which I have yet to get to!


Some good stories, and how wonderful you got to read some short stories by a fellow blogger! I am so curious to know who it is! I hope they get published!


I've had a good run of short stories of late! And I feel very lucky to have had a friend share her stories with me--I do hope she finds a publisher for them--either a magazine or in a book collection!

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