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I've already got Heat Lightning on my wish list--but Patience sounds delightful, and Saplings starts with some lovely description...I don't know how you'll choose. Close your eyes and stick a pin in one?

I confess I've gone a little book crazy lately myself--I've got three books coming from PBS and I ordered another from Abe Books. And all this after my local used book store closed (sniffle) and I bought a bag of books from them for a dollar. I've been diligently reading from my shelves, but at this rate I don't stand a chance of catching up! And we won't talk of my recent "hold" spree at the library. Must be the heat. Yeah. That's it.


I haven't bought a Persephone in at least a year. I would love to add more to my collection but should probably read some of the ones I have right? :)

I'm sure you'll enjoy whichever one you start with and how exciting to be waiting for a Persephone package!


Heat Lightening is amazing! Such a wonderful summer book, too. I would recommend that you read that one!

John Edwards

Heat Lightning and Saplings would encourage me to read further but I'm not sure I want to learn muvh more about 'poor Lionel'. Is there any worse epithet than 'poor'?


Heat Lightning! It's amazing!


Heat Lightning was one of my favourite books last year so I'd recommend that one. I also enjoyed Saplings but read it a long time ago. Patience is still tbr.

gina in alabama

I really liked Saplings. It fit well with To Bed With Grand Music. Not everyone was a heroine of the home front after all. Human weakness is just, human. I love Persephones but the last time I ordered the shipping and tax was as much as the books themselves so havent been able to bring myself to buy anything since. I would love to read the two Susan Glaspell novels they have now. I have Heat Lightning but it is on the TBR pile. I visited a great used book shop, Babbit's Books, in Normal, IL this past weekend and found two very nice Ruth Suckow titles, The Folks (1934 edition, inscribed by the author) and New Hope (very nice, dust jacket in a Mylar cover!). I first heard of her via Mirabile Dictu's blog and am looking forward to reading her work, she had Iowa roots and lived there a long time. So much to read, if only one didn't have to work! enjoy your summer!


So funny--I, too, had a "Persephone Moment" last week which ended in my ordering more books than I should have (I used the discount to rationalize my order). I love Persephones but end up buying more than I read. For example, I haven't read any of the three that you're currently considering although "Heat Lightening" has been on my TBR list for quite awhile. Regardless of your choice, I'll await your review with great eagerness.

Not to add to your suffragette reading list, but have you considered Kate Walbert's "A Short History of Women: A Novel"? I read it several years ago and enjoyed it tremendously, although it seems to get mixed reader reviews on Amazon. It's one of those multi generational tales, beginning with the death of a suffragette in the early part of the 20th Century and ending with her descendant in a post-9/11 world. The story doesn't deal directly with the movement so much as it does on how the death reverberates and shapes the lives of daughter and granddaughter. Anyway--a slightly different take and one that I personally loved.

Good luck with those Persephones!


Patience sounds the most appealing to me. Have you chosen yet? Decisions, decisions! :)


Choosing is always the problem. I pick one and then wonder if I chose the right one! :) But in the end I decided on Heat Lightning--to start with anyway! I want to read all three and I like the idea of the humor in Patience! You are very good at restraint when it comes to book buying--I know you have been trying to read from your own piles--are my bad habits beginning to rub off? :) (because I have been really bad lately when it comes to book buying!!). Sorry to hear your local used bookstore closed--I shop more at my own local more than a regular bookstore, so I am not sure what I would do if it closed! I did cave in and bring home a few library books tonight, but I have been pretty good of late at being very, very selective! (At least some area of my life is


I am not sure when the last time I bought a Persephone was either--at least a year, too. I have not been reading the Persephones I own, too, which is in part why I felt the desire to pick one now. I love getting their Biannually new magazine and so 'told myself' I had better place an order so they keep me on their mailing list!;) They are all good, and I agree, I am sure I'll love the book I pick out--which in the end has been Heat Lightning!


So good to hear since that is the one I have decided to start with. I am only a chapter in but so far so good--I keep wanting to reach for the book, so a good sign! Thanks for the suggestion.


Poor Lionel, indeed! ;) But you do wonder about him. I have decided to start with Heat Lightning and think it is the right book for the moment, but I do want to read the others eventually as well!


So good to hear--I made the right choice, then! ;)


That is always encouraging to hear. I have just started Heat Lightning and so far I am enjoying it very much. I think I might have one of her other books--or at least she sounds very familiar. I will read Saplings as well--hopefully sooner rather than later. Patience will be on my TBR pile for the moment, too.


Sounds like a good pairing of books and I own To Bed With Grand Music, too. Actually I think I would be happy with any of their books. And I know only too well what you mean by that postage charge. I don't order directly from them very often, though I certainly wish I could. If there is a new book I am dying to have I will try and get it from the Book Depository--thank goodness for their free shipping! I have at least one of the Glaspell novels and I think my library might have more of her work, too, though those dove grey covers and the lovely book design is quite nice, so they are hard to resist. I rarely find them used, but it is a treat when I do come across them--how could anyone part with them! ;)Yes, that whole work thing gets in the way of reading, doesn't it?!


I was only going to buy one--just one, but then thought if I was going to pay the postage I might as well make it worth my while and then it was an agonizing choice to decide which three. My public library bought the whole run of them some years back-I was stunned actually since I know how pricey they are and to buy all of them at once, but boy was I happy! Still, I am greedy and some of them I just want to own. I need to read more of the ones I own, too, rather than always just add to the pile.

Ooh, dangerous--I had not heard of A Short History of Women, but now I want it too! ;) I have added it to my wishlist for now, but maybe I will see if I can find a library copy--it looks good to me!

And in the end I opted for Heat Lightning--to start with anyway.


Something humorous does sound pretty inviting right now, doesn't it? In the end I picked up Heat Lightning only because I seemed to keep reaching for it, but I will keep the other two close at hand as well. It is a hard decision--I always wonder about the book I *didn't* choose!


Ha ha...I laugh that I've given you the impression that I'm restrained when it comes to book buying...


They all sound good but I think, just based on the quote, I'd go for the last. I would love to be on a beach right now.


Saplings has a great opening scene! I have read that passage many times whenever I am contemplating which Persephone to pick up! In the end I opted for Heat Lightning which is proving to be a very good book as well.

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