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Buried In Print

This sounds just great: love the idea!


It was a really fun read. It was a great comfort read, but it could have fallen easily into an overly sentimental zone which would been too much--it was instead sort of quirky with a tinge of melancholy but with a happy ending. How's that for an interesting combination? Thanks for the tweet by the way!


Oh it sounds like good summer reading fun!


I will look for it. You introduced us to Shiny New Books via another review you did for them and I really enjoy receiving it; always get good ideas.


It was--a delightful summer book (but easily enjoyed at any time of year).


So glad you discovered SNB--they always have lots of interesting books and lists and interviews---I actually really did have about three books in my virtual book cart and then decided I had better wait. Besides--there is always the public library! The Bivald was a fun read--it is due to be published in the US later in the fall I believe.

vicki (skiourophile/bibliolathas)

Ah, off to have a read - SNB makes me want to read *everything* though!


Bivald's books does sound rather interesting. Will have to check out your review soon.


It is dangerous to look--I completely agree. I started dropping books in baskets online, but then thought better of it and have just added them to my list...for the moment anyway. :)


It was so interesting to read it since she is Swedish and wrote it in her language yet she writes about a part of the US I know so well--I wonder if she spent time over here to do research? I must read the Q&A SNB did with her, maybe she writes about her writing/research process.


I will look for this book.


Still haven't had a chance to visit Shiny New Books but I'm hoping to do that in the next couple of days. I'm just afraid of all the books I'll be adding to my TBR list :) Definitely looking forward to your review!


I think it might not be out here until early next year, but the UK edition should be available now. It should be very appealing to book lovers I think!


I have taken a first look and marked down all sorts of things I want to read--including the newest Sarah Waters since they are reading it as part of their book club--an excuse to finally pick up the book!

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