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Wow! That is somewhere I've always longed to visit. Great photos.


Beautiful photos! We visited that area many years ago and I'd like to go back sometime. Glad you had a nice vacation.


Beautiful photos of beautiful Colorado. I enjoyed this post very much, as I love mountains and hiking (though I'm not especially good at it) and it's hard to imagine being more than 12,000 feet above sea level when I'm right here AT sea level! I guess all those trips to the gym and walking to and from work paid off for you to be able to climb to the top--good for you. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. (And I agree that spinning out the posts helps to keep the vacation fresh in your mind.)


What a gorgeous place! Completely stunning photographs and well done you for getting right to the top of the world. The view was certainly worth it.


Absolutely beautiful! I've only driven through Colorado but would love to go back and stay a few days. I'm glad you were able to have a restorative vacation.


Wonderful photos -- what a great, beautiful adventure. I sympathize with your sister doing the driving: I love mountain scenery but hate mountain roads. Thank you for showing us these gorgeous places.


Oh Danielle! What a wonderful getaway! I could be very happy with the view outside your cabin! So glad you had such a good time!


I can easily keep looking at your photographs for the rest of the day. Colorado, at least what you are showing here, is absolutely beautiful. So happy you had a good time there.


Gorgeous! My brother moved out to that area a few years ago and I haven't been able to visit because, um, babies but my daughter and I are heading out that way for his wedding in three short wakes and I can't wait - your pictures have me so excited! Also, you know, YOU could write the murder mystery set at Sprague lake...

Joan Kyler

Such a peaceful, beautiful place. I'm glad you had a chance to go away and bask in all this.


Thanks. I hope you will get a chance to visit Colorado--I really love it there. Happily it is not a terribly long drive and a fairly cheap vacation with a complete change of scenery! I am already ready to go back! ;)


Thanks--apparently my family went on vacation there when I was really little but all I remember was the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum! It is a place I would happily return to again and again--especially love the national park!


I am so glad and thanks for the nice comments. I would love to do more walking in the park. I think there are some really amazing streams and waterfalls that you can only get to via the trails. Hopefully I can see something more next time I go back. We drove to the Alpine Visitor Center and then from there it was not a terribly walk--that cold and windy! And that was on a nice, sunny day. I hope the views will stick with me a long time now--something nice to remember!


Thanks. It did feel pretty nice to go to the very top. I am not sure, I will get another opportunity to go up there, but this was quite satisfying for me. Lots and lots of stunning views there I must say. The people who live there must be terribly spoiled!


I bet the drive through the state is gorgeous. Alas NE is just really flat. Not the most exciting drive but a pretty quick one. Estes is a very cool place to stay if you get a chance.


Thanks--it is exactly the sort of adventure I like most! My sister is really a very good sport. I know she was not really very keen on the idea of driving up there but she did a perfect job. I was amazed to see cyclists going to the top! It makes me tired just thinking about it. The mountains are wonderful--and a total change of scenery after the flatness of Nebraska. I am more than happy to share my photos--I will be keeping them in mind on those stressful days!


It was really a great vacation--such perfect weather--we could not have asked for more really. And I enjoyed everything--the tour was disappointing, but the hotel cool to see. I wonder when we will get to go back. Imagine living there and having those views all the time!


Me, too. I took lots of photos for that reason--to keep me sane and have something nice to remember and focus on. It truly is beautiful there-I really need to visit more of the National Parks now!


Lucky you to get to go there soon! It is a place I will happily return to whenever I get the chance. It would be fun to write a book about Sprague Lake and the fishing lodge that was there at the turn of the century. Hey, if Stephen King could write about the Stanley and ghosts--why not some other story! I think Sprague is my favorite lake of the ones I have visited in the park!


I am too--I really needed that change of scenery. We had a really fun time--between the Park and good meals and just walking about--it should keep me going for a while. I could do with a view like one of those....


Stunning landscape. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.


It is gorgeous there. If I can't get to or live by the seaside (still my first choice!) I would like to live somewhere with views like this! It is nice that Colorado and Estes Park specifically is such an easy drive from Omaha. I think they must get a lot of Nebraska tourists there!

vicki (@skiourophile)

Spectacular - I'd love to see this one day. And that little squirrelly thing has made my day. So cute.


I heartily recommend Colorado--it is really amazing there! And I love Estes and the Rockies especially. The ground squirrel was quite a character--as small animals go! No doubt he hits up all the tourists for food!

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