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I love that little museum! Well, I haven't been there, but I love what you shared about it. I'll try to remember it if we ever get to Estes Park again. And I did know that the Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for the hotel in The Shining.


It looks like you had a great time! The museum seems like the kind of place where you can literally touch the older way of life.


Too bad about the ghost tour. They can be fascinating histories instead of simply silliness, and you never know until you give them a try. The hotel does look quite lovely.


A museum I am sure I would enjoy. It is always interesting to see the actual "things" of life, especially from the past. We spent one night in Estes Park, when our girls were young, but, they still remember our time there, which was on the 4th of July, so, fireworks. What they really remember, however, was our first stop, Charlie Eagle's, a little trading post stop, which turned into a gift shop/museum of sorts, just before entering Estes. It was still there about 10 years ago, Danielle, and you might want to see if it still is open. Charlie Eagle was a local character and actually spent some time talking to our daughters. The post was actually first operated by a woman, a strong character as well. Sorry. I go on about Charlie Eagle's. Enjoy the rest of time there.


Great museum. Love the old clothes and the cabin! Too bad the ghost tour wasn't very good. Looks like a pretty hotel though


It is a very cool place and well put together. I would happily go back and if you ever pass through, so go and check it out. For some reason I thought the actual movie had been filmed there. I can easily see how the atmosphere would inspire someone to tell a good ghost story!


I had a wonderful time and yes, that museum brings life and history vividly to life. I really liked it. How was your vacation on the east coast here? I am so out of touch and am slowly getting back into the swing of things--hope you had a great time and were able to meet up with other bloggers!


If it had been more of a tour with history and stories I would really have enjoyed it. It was pretty sill as they took us through darkened rooms looking for ghosts--well more or less. I was really disappointed, but I did enjoy seeing the inside of the hotel!


If you ever are passing through Estes-do try and see the museum--it is well worth the visit! And I love stories like that--it makes traveling so much more meaningful when you meet nice and interesting people! I am not sure if I have heard the name Charlie Eagle--we might have driven right by it, so now I will have to look it up. They have lots of cool, old buildings--it might well stioll be there!


I would have been curious to see one of the hotel rooms--not sure if they showed any--we ended up cutting out early--it was a real disappointment. The museum was quite a nice find, however and I am so glad my mom suggested it. I love looking and old clothes and ephemera--so cool to see actual artifacts.


I enjoyed these photos. Too bad about the ghost tour. I've been on one in Edinburgh once and it was fantastic.
I don't know why I thought you'd be gone for more than a week.


I love little museums like this. I will happily spend all my vacations going to museums. I think I read somewhere that Estes Park was the model for "Blue Valley" in CENTENNIAL.


Last year I went for almost a whole week I think. Normal vacations usually are much longer. I think maybe I didn't mention that it was just a long weekend. I think the ghost tour could have been so much better--they are capitalizing on both the association with Stephen King and his book the Shining, and those ghost hunting shows--apparently one of the shows was filmed in the Stanley Hotel. But they just let loose my little tour group in these dark rooms and said maybe you'll have an 'experience' and take lots of photos as something may show up on film. It was all really lame. I thought it was a proper tour where they would talk about the hotel and the history and stories associated with it and take us into rooms (in the light!). Oh well, I was obviously thinking I had joined a tour that was something it was not! Now a ghost tour of buildings and streets and such in Edinburgh sounds really good!


Me, too. I hadn't even realized it was there but my mom read about it somewhere and mentioned it. So glad we decided to visit--well worth it and it was free, too! I think you suggested Centennial to me last year and I did buy it--it is in a pile in my book room. I really must go and dig it out at least and look more closely at it. I think I have too many long books started right now to add another one to the pile, but it will be fun to read when I get around to it!


How very lame. They could have made an effort. Oh, yes, Edinburgh was fantastic because the history's so rich. It turned out to be more of a crime and ghost tour but it was fascinating. They have so many ghost stories in the UK.


It really was lame. I think they were capitalizing on the fact that that ghost hunting show had filmed an episode there. In reality I think there supposedly has been "paranormal activity" (some say) but maybe just not enough to create a whole tour for. If there is a lot of history and stories to talk about it might have worked. It felt like the lady who was giving the tour was just filling in the time with a lot of nonsense and repetition. No doubt just a money making thing for the tourists! I would happily do a ghost walk in Edinburgh or London--I think that would be quite interesting and I am sure there are lots of good stories to tell!

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