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Legend in Green Velvet is one of my favorite Elizabeth Peters books; I've read more of her stand-alone novels than her Amelia Peabody books. They're all really enjoyable. (Except there was one I remember not if I could only remember which one.) I like the books she wrote under Barbara Michaels, too. Have you read any of those?


I really enjoyed it and am glad I finally picked it up (I hate to even guess how long I have owned it and it has a very 70s-ish cover on it!). I think I have read more of her mysteries--the Amelia Peabodys and at least one Vicky Bliss, but I have several Barbara Michaels books, too. I don't think I have read any of them, however. She is definitely on my list of comfort reads now!


This sounds great, especially because of the Scottish theme. I would have thought it was set earlier. Not sure why,


Her Amelia Peabody mysteries are set in the Victorian era so I can see why you might think all her fiction is historical in nature. I have yet to read any of her other suspenseful novels, but I think they are more or less contemporary. This was (as are the Amelia P. books) great fun and she is a definite comfort read author!


My favorite Barbara Michaels is House of Many Shadows. Read it first in 1975 & have kept it on the shelf all these years. If I didn't have a growing stack tbr, I'd pull it down & start again.

It is more contemporary than the Amelia books....takes place in the 70's & 1700's...shades of Outlander (but just shades) Why not start with this one?


I have read almost all of the Amelia Peabody mysteries, and this stand alone sounds intriguing too.


She does romantic suspense so well! I have a few of her standalone novels, but I don't see this one in my Library Thing list--too bad since I am thinking about books I can read for Carl's RIP which will begin in September (hopefully he is still doing it). I will see if I can find this at my favorite used bookstore--it sounds like fun! And anything similar to Outlander would be good (even better really that it is not Too similar!). Thanks for the suggestion.


I have collected loads of the Amelia Peabody mysteries but I think I have only ever read the first five or so. It has been so long that I almost would prefer to start from the beginning again,
but at the rate I read that might not be a good idea. Must get back to them. Her 'gothic' novels are great fun, too! I really enjoyed this one--so glad I picked it up!


Does anyone say "groovy?" :) Sounds like a fun read.


I don't think so, but it would not have been out of place at all! ;) I personally like reading about the 70s. She is a fun writer and her books are quite entertaining!


Love, love, love Elizabeth Peters. You're making me want to go back and reread her books. I have a few on my shelves, and I'm betting they'd feel new to me since I read them so long ago.


I think someone (maybe it was you?) recommended one of her books to me that is set in Maine, and I know I ordered it, am just not sure where I put it. If I can find it, I think I might add it to my pile. Now that I have read one, of course I am eager to read more (of her standalones that is--I have enjoyed the Amelia Peabody books and will certainly read more of those at some point!). You should go grab one from your shelves and read along! ;)


Ha-found my copy of The Crying Child--luckily (?!) I hadn't yet tucked it away into a bin somewhere!

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