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The animals will rise! I love it. Reminds me of a poem by Stephen Dobyns in which a man who eats chicken everyday comes to be haunted by the ghosts of all them. If that's not enough to make someone a vegetarian then I don't know what is! :)


I'd love to read that Alice McDermott story. She's such a wonderful writer. I haven't started the Ship Fever collection yet. I guess I was greedy as usual.


Sort of a scary thought, isn't it?! I didn't realize Stephen Dobyns wrote poetry (unless I am thinking of someone different). Imagine all those chickens--yikes. Another reason to steer clear of eating meat--bad karma! :)


It's always nice to know you have a story collection on hand that will be a good read when you get to it! I have one story left and then the last is a novella. But now I will switch to ghost stories (at least to write about on Sundays) for the next couple of months. This is off topic, but will you do your German reading month this year? I know it is a lot of work --especially when you have lots of other things on the go---just curious! :)


You are thinking of the right Dobyns. I have note read any of his novels but I have read two of his poetry collections. He is very good.


I must look him up now. Did he write a suspenseful novel? His name sounds so familiar--I might even have one of his books....somewhere!


I don't know about GLM. I haven't heard anything from Lizzie. Maybe she's doing it solo? I would like to participate but not to organize this year. I can't stick to one whole month of reading German literature.


Honestly I am not even sure why I asked as really I need to stay focused on my own reading pile-other than RIP and reading a book by a woman author translated into English for the Women in Translation reading month--I am trying to whittle my own reading piles down and am actually doing a reasonably okay job at it. I do have a book by a German author (Viennese actually--a novel written in German I should say) that I want to read, and I thought I could save it for the readalong, but I can read it any time I like technically. Otherwise I tend to get myself into trouble starting more and more books (if I can just restrain myself and pick one book, it would be okay). It's hard and time consuming organizing something like that-especially if you are not quite in the mood for it!

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