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Another week of good stories. The Barrett book is sounding better and better and more and more tempting!


my copy of this collection just arrived in the post. It's a brand new book but I only paid £1. Good for me, no so good for the author.
I'm looking forward to reading it but I've also got the latest of Edith Pearlman's collection. Everyone I nkow raves about her. I read a coule in Binocular Vision. So far, I haven't really warmed to het yet.
Oh I love the early Cunningham. Sounds like an interesting story.


If you come across the Barrett in any of your used bookstore visits--snap it up! I am sure you would like it. I am in the middle now of this week's story, which is rather unlike the previous stories--not sure what I think of it so far, but I have a couple of days to think about it. Once you have read her, you will want to pick up all her books!


Oh, so glad you ordered a copy! I love those inexpensive books--remainders or overstock--I buy them all the time these days. I have heard many good things about Edith Pearlman, too. My library has a few of her books and on more than one occasion I have picked them up and looked them over. If you start with her let me know what you think. This collection is fairly short and I think it won't take too much time to get through. This was the first story by Michael Cunningham that I have read--must read The Hours sometime!

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