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I think I'd love this. I don't think I've read her before. It sounds wonderful I'm not sure why but I love botanists and other scientists as characters.


It is an excellent collection. I don't know why I don't hear her name out there more often by other bloggers as she is really an exceptional writer--she has won lots of awards. I have several other of her books--she is someone whose books I want to read all of! I think you would like her a lot if you like that scientific slant!


Ooh another good Barrett story! You are seriously making me interested to read this book. I don't know Fenkl but the story sounds really interesting.

Denise Rogers

I love Andrea Barrett. This was the first book of stories by her that I read. I also liked The Voyage of the Narwahl. Some of her characters show up in other stories, so if you read enough of her books, you will find yourself encountering old friends.


I think you would like this a lot! I am thoroughly enjoying it and really must read one of her novels, too. I had not heard of Fenkl prior to reading the story either. It was a good story!


She is really good--her prose is gorgeous and I like how the stories are related to science and nature--areas I read too little of. I read Voyage of the Narwahl ages ago--so long actually that I remember very little of it. I could happily reread it however. I must pick up more of her work--not wait so long between books, too!

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