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J. Kingston Pierce

I enjoyed "Fatal Lies" and "Random Violence" quite a bit. Both are character-rich tales, with unusual backdrops. Well worth the attention.


The only one I've read was Apple Tree Yard, which I thought was brilliant though rather disturbing. I definitely recommend it. I haven't read the de Giovanni but a reviewer for Shiny recently tried a recent book of his and had to stop reading as it was too horrible and disgusting -- and this was a tough bloke, not a nice little sensitive lady! You have been warned!

Joan Kyler

I don't need another mystery to read, I don't need another mystery to read, ...
But I've just put the first of the Frank Tallis mysteries on hold at the library. I'm not sure I should thank you!

Buried In Print

I think the only one which is also on my TBR list is the Louise Doughty; I've enjoyed a couple of her earlier books and had the idea of reading through her backlist too. Whichever ones you choose, I'm sure you will be happily entertained. There really is something addictive about mysteries, isn't there!


Wonderful to hear you enjoyed both books--of course they are high on my reading pile right now. I love a good setting and already have enjoyed a couple of Frank Tallis's previous books so am looking forward to this one as well. Thanks for the gentle nudge! ;)


Thanks for the warning! I don't always do well with anything too grisly (which is why I tend to avoid forensic type mysteries). Gritty is okay, but.... Maybe his earlier books are more tame? I had heard good things about Apple Tree Yard--I think I bought it on Litlove's recommendation and I keep picking it up--maybe it would be a good vacation read (am going on a mini vacation in just two weeks!).


I do know what you mean--I have so many mysteries in piles all over the place I don't know how I will ever catch up but I can't seem to stop buying them. It's hard when you find a sleuth or series you enjoy--those writers are just too busy with new installments.... however I do think you will like Frank Tallis. His books just ooze atmosphere. I think I will pick his up as a matter of fact... Let me know how you get on with him!


Yes, they are very addictive and more than once I have said I could read a steady diet of them (with an occasional palette cleanser, if you know what I mean...). I did order one of Louise Doughty's earlier books just recently--I didn't realize she had written other books and when I was putting in the link on this post one of her other books caught my eye. Oops. I am down to the last 100 pages of Laurie King's Mary Russell mystery set in Jerusalem....just need some uninterrupted reading time.


I just don't see why you are having a hard time deciding! ;)


I sort of have the choices whittled down to two, but now I am determined to try and finish TWO mysteries before picking up a new one. Actually I have three books I want to finish before my trip and *then* I can think of a new one!

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