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I'm a huge fan of epistolary novesl, so I'm looking forward to reading this. You make it sound amazing. I hadn't even heard of her before you mentioned the book.


Wow, this sounds great. I like the epistolary form, too. And it would fulfill my desire to read more books in translation. I hope my library has it, but if not, I'll have to go searching (and that's fun, too).

By the way, I read The Ladies of St. Petersburg, and quite enjoyed it. It turned out to be three novellas, which made them quick reads. Now I want to read more literature translated from the Russian. I have a collection of short stories written by famous Russian writers on my shelf which I'll have to hunt up.


Yes, count me in on this one too. It sounds terrific. Years ago I would have turned up my nose at the idea of reading an epistolary novel. And then I tried one and found it to be an amazing way to tell a story. Live and learn!


Sounds like a fun book! I like epistolary novels too. I like how it includes emails, a modern update!


I love them, too, and tend to snap them up when I find something with that format. I really liked this--it was well done. It was a really fast read but it still felt quite substantial, too. I think you will like her if you pick it up. I think maybe this is her first (and maybe only?) novel so far, unless she has others that have not yet been translated into English--which is entirely possible! I'm surprised that I have come across a French author you have not yet either read or heard of--so maybe this is her one book and it is fairly recently published, too.


I love books of letter--both fictional and real--diary format books, too. As a matter of fact I was just thinking how I really ought to get back to my diary reading. I was on a little binge for a while--a year or so ago (or has it been longer?). I am so glad you enjoyed The Ladies of St. Petersburg-I will have to dig my copy out now--I was thinking of reading Turgenev next--if I ever finish that Henry James novel that I am ever so slowly reading.


Some epistolary novels feel a little forced or artificial--so I understand your hesitation, but I thought this one well done and convincing. I do hope you might give it a chance. Isn't it fun finding a new format or genre you had not considered before? It opens up a whole new group of books to discover!


I liked that she used also emails and texts--it did make it feel more modern and more plausible. I didn't mention it in the post, but Helene is also an archivist in a museum and works with vintage postcard--what a perfect job, eh?!


My French copy arrived today. It came out in 2011 and so i could have knoewn but I didn't. I never saw it at our local book shop. The choices are limited anyway and - I might have thought it had been translated from the German as her name, Gestern, is German.
I already started and think I'll like it.


I suppose like here there are so many new books out each year if something is a small print run perhaps or by a new author who has not been heavily promoted it would be easy to miss. It is a quick read if you have the time to dedicate to it this weekend you should get through it fast. I do hope you enjoy it--I liked it a lot--actually I had listened to it on audio first and the readers were excellent so I had to buy the book and read it, too!

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