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I read this when it came out and absolutely loved it. It was a case of right book at the right moment. Reading your review tells me I've forgotten almost all about it. I might even re-read it a t some point.
I've read one of the Wexford novels and while, at the time, I preferred her other novels, it was still really good.
She'll be missed.

Buried In Print

I always think that I will not be able to remember which of her novels I have read but as soon as I began reading your post I recognized this one, and that is actually always the case. Somehow, the idea of her being so prolific makes me think that I will blur my have-reads with the have-not-reads, but she is just too good, I guess. I have a few of hers on my stack too, one nearing the top! (And, look at you, clearing off those stacks!)


I'm thinking of having my mystery book group read a Rendell/Vine book of their choice for our January 2016 meeting. I think I've only read 2 or 3 of her books, but I always enjoyed them. I know I read Anna's Book (also known as Asta's Book). This one sounds very intriguing as well.


I've only read a few Ruth Rendells, and those long ago. I know I enjoyed her work, so it was probably a case of being distracted by other tempting books. I think I'll revisit her soon!


It is so clear you've read more Ruth Rendell. I think this is a really good review. It makes me want to pick up one of her books. And you know how much I am struggling with books just now:)


I love it when a book comes along at just the right time. I can't think of a book by her that I have read and been disappointed by. I certainly like some more than others but she is always good. I liked this one a lot--she sort of surprised me with the way the story went, but I liked it all the more for that fact. I have a few of the Wexford novels and will get around to reading them eventually, but I have always thought I would prefer those more psychological stories--she does them so very well. I agree--she will be very missed!


Some of her books I remember vividly even though I read them many years ago. I suspect most of them I would recall after reading the blurbs, but I know what you mean when you have read a lot of books by one author over the course of many years--it all begins to blur together! In her case I would happily reread any of her books and have often thought I could make it a nice little project to work my way through all the Vine novels for instance. I hope to pick up another one this year--maybe for Carl's RIP..... And yay--see how my sidebar is being reduced by books--and tempted as I am, I have so far not picked up anything new other than to move it to the "maybe read" pile. Eventually I will be ready to pick one up but not quite yet.


Annas's Book is one of the very first Vine books I ever read and I would love to reread it-I count it as one of my favorites. Her books would probably give your book group lots to talk about--I hope you do decide to read her!


I always say I am going to read several books by one author close together to get a sense of continuity, but I rarely do. I did binge on her books a number of years ago and now read her sporadically. I really should try to at least read a few of her books every year--she is so good. But I understand only too well how it goes with bookish distractions!


Thanks! One of my favorite "Rendell" books is A Judgement in Stone--you know from the start who committed the crime and what the crime is, but the story sort of deconstructs the "why" of it all. Her novels are wonderfully suspenseful but tend mostly to be not violent or graphic. I know you are not clicking so well with fiction right now--maybe something suspenseful that is hard to put down would be good? Judgement in Stone is also fairly short, too!


I really enjoy her books but it's been a long while since I've read any. Like you though I haven't read any of the Wexford novels. Have you read any Minette Walters? Her writing reminds me a bit of Rendell's. Anyway, this is another book to add to my list.


Unsettled and thrown for a loop, I like it when books do that, give you the unexpected. I'm not sure I could take it all the time, but it seems to not happen all that often so when it does it is kind of thrilling.


Far too much time had passed since I picked up any of her books and I am glad I finally did. I want to read more, though am working on whittling down my reading pile a bit first--then will have a hard time choosing a new mystery! I have read one or two books by Minette Walters, but that was a long time ago--she is another writer I look forward to revisiting and she really does do that psychological fiction well! Now you make me want to go and look for one of her books....


This was very much Vintage Rendell, yet sort of not either. Maybe because it is a more recent book--but she took the story in slightly unexpected directions, which these days when it comes to suspense is a good thing! It really is sort of refreshing now and again, I agree!

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