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I love Europa - I always read their yearly collection of short stories (some are excerpts from longer works) from each country in Europe, always find interesting stuff in there. Oh, Danielle, you've just added even MORE to my TBR lists with this post!


I don't think I am familiar with their collection of short stories--do they do it every year--an anthology, or is it that they release a collection by a particular author? I think I do have one or two story collections by a single author. Now I am curious what I have on hand.... :) Now that I reread your comment it sounds like an anthology, so I must go investigate! Sorry--I am an enabler, aren't I? Though I have a bad habit of taking suggestions, too...


I've read very few books in translation of any type, something I aim to improve upon. I will check out Biblio for guidance. I think I may have one or two books in translation on my TBR shelf--perhaps I should start there. I just finished a novel, so maybe now's the time to try?


Sorry, I'm leading you down the wrong path here - it's not Europa, but Dalkey. And you're right, it is various authors from different countries and published each year; started in 2010(?) and called 'Best European Fiction' and then the year. Some wonderful and some truly weird work.

Ah well, good suggestions are good things after all.


Wouldn't it be nice if Europa did a short story anthology, though?! I have a few Dalkey Archive books--they are really good at publishing international fiction. My library has a few of those Best European Fiction collections, though they are older books. I have added the most recent to my own wishlist and will have to keep an eye out for it. I love collections like this--the perfect way to be introduced to a "new" (new to me, anyway) author. Suggestions are always good and always happily accepted here! :)


I have done much better in recent years of reading more international/translated fiction--there is lots of good crime fiction from other countries out there. Though I fear this year my reading is completely off --translated fiction included! You should definitely give it a go and pick one of your translated TBR books--I have discovered so many good authors and it is always really interesting to get a different perspective on the world when reading books written by authors outside the US! Let me know which book you choose, if you do indeed decide now is the time! :)


I didn't know about this until too late and I already have so many other commitments I can't put aside. I will definitely remember it for next year though!


I know how that goes! I only found out right at the beginning of the month. I have a French novel going which I hope to finish in the coming week and then will start a Dutch novel (as yet to be decided)--or at least I think so unless something else catches my eye. I have a French mystery on the go, but I am not sure I will finish it before the end of the month since it is quite chunky! Maybe I will take it to CO. I think this is the second or third year this has been organized--pretty cool idea!

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