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Oh you have such a treat in store !
How lovely :o)

and if you have 55 mins to spare try this it's a good radio version of Chocky from 1967


Great review, Danielle. This sounds really unusual and different from my other reads. I haven't read a NYRB book in a long time and probably should. There are some gems there. And Fat City looks like it'll be an interesting read!


Thanks so much for the link! I will definitely be listening to it--will save it for a night when I am cooking and can listen while eating dinner by myself--something to look forward to (though I might just have a little listen now as a teaser). I am guessing it is a radio dramatization? I love those! :)


I had not heard of this particular book by Wyndham--so glad I decided to pick it up and give it a go--I really enjoyed it and flew through the story. It has been a while since I have read an NYRB, too, which is pretty sad since I have a monthly subscription. I have just today started Fat City and I think it will be good--definitely not my usual sort of read, which is a good thing sometimes!


yes it's a radio play and I got the date wrong it's 1968 details here
They've made radio plays of several of his books ..some are OK, some Very Good and recently they made a real stinker..ouch


How interesting! I will look for it at my library.

Just picked up Mr. Wrong at the library yesterday, and am halfway through that story. I was reading it at bedtime and had to stop, even though it was just mildly creepy at first. I might finish it at lunchtime today--in broad daylight. I admit I am a wimp when it comes to spooky stories.


Sounds like fun! I've not read Wyndham before, though his books are on my perpetual TBR list. Glad to know I have some good stuff to look forward to!


Usually BBC plays are pretty good, but as with audio books--with a bad reader the experience can spoil even a really good book. I haven't had a chance to listen yet--it's something I save for cooking on weekends or ironing--when I have a mindless task at need a little easy entertainment! :) Thanks for the link!


I haven't read the next story in my collection--I wonder if we have the same edition. There is a story at the end (something like "Three Miles Up") that I read last year and is even creepier! If you want another one--to read on a sunny afternoon (!)--do give it a try. I plan on getting to the rest of those stories...eventually! :)


I think this is one you would like! I am toying with reading Day of the Triffids after Henry James--I think I need something drastically different after Isabel and Osmund!!

Thomas Hogglestock

I've just discovered John Wyndham in past six months and have loved everything I have read. So far Day of the Triffids (my fave), The Chrysalids, and Chocky. I've heard them referred to as non-science science fiction.


I can see where that description would fit for his work. I like the one I read--cozy catastrophes. This is only my first but I will definitely read more--maybe Day of the Triffids sooner than later! I loved Chocky and am glad I have read him-and that there are more books to look forward to!

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