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I've read 4 of the 6 Shardlake books and they are amazing -- Sansom is obviously an incredible writer if he can do something like this, which sounds so different and yet obviously also brilliant. I haven't wanted to try one his non-Shardlake novels but now I think I must! Thanks.


I had no idea what this book was about. How very interesting. I'm not usually drawn to hefty tomes but this one really sounds so good.


Wow, that's quite the chunkster! Sounds like an exiting book though. I do believe alternative history is the correct name of the genre :)


He's very good on convincing detail, isn't he? I am looking forward to reading the Shardlake books and have the first one on hand. This is the second novel I've read by him now and have been impressed both times--they have a complexity to them, which I really like.


It is a spy story with a twist I guess! I have wanted to read some alternative history novels and this seemed like a good place to start, but it is quite chunky. I seem to have a number of them on the go right now and am trying to get through them one at a time (and pick up much shorter books on the side!). Normally I prefer a shorter or just average length book--not sure what came over me! ;)


I was very happy to finally finish it. I started it a while ago but the story was so good, I really didn't want to put it aside--so glad I picked it up again as I had no problem settling right back into the story--just needed some good, uninterrupted reading time for it--which I *finally* got! I'm glad I got the name of the genre right! I knew I had to be close.


I was unfamiliar with this author, but your review and the comments by other readers have convinced me I must look for his work. It sounds amazing.


I have heard many good things about his Medieval mystery series and look forward to moving on to those next. I really liked this--it was good and complex and suspenseful all in one!

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