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Sam Sattler (Book Chase)

Wow...this post really makes me realize what a huge hole I have in my reading when it comes to books originally written in German. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm struggling to come up with more than a handful that I've ever read. I need to work on that.


Thank you so much for this post. I'm so behind when it comes to reading blogs but I've got the flu and was taking a course. Btw I've got good news. Hope I can share them in an e-mail soon.
On of my writer's group actually studied Keun and we started discussing i the forum and a few people have read it and everyone raved. So do I. It's wonderful. Herta Müller is another thing, I saw so many mixed reviews.
All your choices are great. I hadn't thought about that Schiller, so maybe I'll read that as well. Or poems.


Thinking ahead! And a nice list of titles to choose from too! I bet the list will have grown by the time November arrives ;)


I have all sorts of reading gaps myself with certain genres or authors or works translated from certain languages or set in certain areas of the world. it is so hard trying to cover everything! Now is your chance--you should find something that appeals and join in! :) I have not read as much as I would like to have either, though, so I can sympathize!


I am looking forward to hearing your news and am so glad to hear it is Good news! No worries ever at not stopping by here as you would like. I know only too well how that goes and cannot seem to keep up with things and I have no good excuse really. I am happy that you and Lizzy arranged this after all--I figured I would just read my Ernst Lothar and see what else came my way, but I am looking forward to adding another novel or two to my reading pile. I think I will definitely try and read Keun as my book is fairly slim and so I think I can manage it easy enough. I'm glad your writers group enjoyed it. Not sure if I will get to Herta Muller, though I really feel like I should read her--I don't mind mixed reviews really-I am happy to just give one of her novels a try. The Schiller just happened to be on my shelves and I like the sound of the story, so it seems a good choice--plus it is close at hand (sometimes I know I own a book, but I just don't know where it is....the Schiller was just in my hands a couple of days ago!). I hope you are on the mend now, by the way!


I might need a head start on that really chunky Lothar novel--I can never restrain my excitement when it comes to books--can you tell?! :)


I'm definitely planning on joining in too! I have quite a handful of books - some of the same ones you mentioned too! Will have to get started on my list of potential reads soon.


I've not had time in the last few days to read blogs, but I will catch up--I am curious to see which books you choose, too!

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