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elizabeth Wix

Sounds lovely!


Sounds great. Just what I need...another book/author to add to the loooong list!


I have so many books on my shelf that I just had to have when they came out but have not yet read them! How fun you got to one of yours! And it sounds like it was a good one too


I was in a similar position where this had lurked on my shelves for a long time (paperback rather than hardback though!) before I got around to picking up - possibly in response to a post of your from a few month's back. And like you I am so glad I did finally get around to it. I have since read The Streets and am just about to embark on Curtain Call when I go on holiday in a few days - I'm looking forward to having the time to enjoy reading that one properly almost as much as my actual holiday trip (almost!). Let's hope he is busy writing a new book!


It was really good--just clicked in all the right ways!


Definitely add him to your list. Maybe the book will end up on paperbackswap--grab it if you see it! :) My list is inordinately long, too--won't mention how long this one sat around waiting every so patiently for me!


How do they do that? I always tell myself if I am going to buy something in hardcover, then it needs to be read in a timely manner and I even admit that there have been a few recent books I couldn't pass up as I found such good bargains, but have I started even one of them yet?...... Maybe this really was picked up at just the right moment, but whatever the case, I loved it!


So glad you picked up your copy as well! If I was the gentle nudge--I am happy to hear it, or maybe it is just down to good old serendipity. I have only got Curtain Call by him on hand, but I will look for a copy of The Streets now, which I am guessing you liked? Isn't it nice having such a good book to look forward to--not only vacation, but something good to read while you are there--bonus! Have a great holiday and enjoy the book. I have tried to restrain myself from picking it up--until I finish another book anyway--but now you make me want to throw caution to the wind and pull it from the shelf after all! :)

vicki (@skiourophile)

"Even in hardcover" really is a brilliant way to ask how much one loves a writer - I definitely want to read this one now: so many things here to interest me (including, even, cricket).


Strangely the cricket aspect is sort of fun and interesting and I have to say I haven't even a tiny bit of knowledge about it. A sign of a talented writer when he can draw you in like that. I would still happily reread it. Did you see that there is a movie called Suffragette that stars Carey Mulligan that I can't wait to see--it starts here in November and I feel a new little reading path coming on! Now I DO think I am going to go and grab his newer book Curtain Call--maybe I can still resist, but it never hurts anything to look! Lovely to hear from you--hope all is well in your corner of the world! :)

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