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I've read the first two Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books, and would love to see them dramatized. I liked the second book in the series better than the first one, so I hope they will just continue to grow on me. We've had every other possible Sherlock Holmes permutation, why can't we add this one?!


I've read the first book of the series this summer and it is delightful indeed! Looking forward to continue with the series...

margaret stedman

This is an addictive series and I am so very pleased you love them too. I borrowed them all one by one from the library but I wish my budget and bookshelves could stretch to having my own copies. A re-read is definitely on the list.


I'm nearing the end of the most recently published Mary Russell novel. Yet another well written and researched story set mainly in Japan. I was very skeptical when I first started this series due to the Holmes/Russell age difference. But the author has made it work and I've enjoyed them all.


You know with Sherlock Holmes being in such a revival maybe someone is negotiating for TV/film rights this very moment. Seems like it is something worth hoping for and there is such a fan base already it would be almost a sure success.


Wouldn't they be great fun to watch on TV?! The first book has been the weakest for me of all the books I have read by her. I liked it but it felt a little too disjointed--I guess as it was more or less interlinked stories that is why? Yes, there are endless Sherlock Holmes retellings--I wonder if he is the character who has created the most spin-offs and retellings? I have read very few Holmes stories, but I do like these.


And they just get better as you go! I really like the Mary Russell character--she is one of my favorites!


I have mostly mass market editions, but I don't have all of them--so as I buy new titles it seems to just be the larger books, which I prefer. And I think I could happily reread this series as well. I would start the next one right now, but I really should finish the mystery I have on the go at the moment!


There are quite a few books, aren't there? I am lucky as I have so many more to look forward to reading. And I am with you on that age difference. When I first read about their relationship I thought it would not be a story I would like but someone talked me into reading the first and I am so glad now that I did! As big as that span of years is, it all works well. Actually I find them quite amusing now!


He is very popular, isn't he? There is a new season of Sherlock airing right now, too. I have seen some of the first season--must get around to seeing more of those episodes--but he is quite a quirky character, don't you think?


Yes he is and Benedict Cumberbatch plays him so well!


He is Very Droll, isn't he? I have only caught a few of the episodes--but I love his quirkiness.

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