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I remember reading this book, it was eye-opening but there was something about the narrator's voice that didn't quite appeal to me. I hope that the English translation helped.


This sounds really good, very real and intense. How interesting the author chose to fictionalize her mother's story? I suppose it gives her more creative options to do it that ways.


I am really enjoying the story, but you are right about the style in which it is written--it is a little disconcerting in some way. I don't find it especially 'easy' reading, if that makes sense. I find I am not 'warming up' to it all, but I am very curious about the characters and those events that are taking place--a very different look at a much written about period. Now that Claire has met the man she is really falling in love with--maybe the story will feel more comfortable?


It feels almost more memoir-like to be honest, which is part of that feeling of being on uncertain ground, but I still am enjoying it--just a very different sort of book than I am used to, which is not a bad thing really!


You are right, just like NYRB books, the Europa Editions always have something interesting to offer. I hadn't not heard about this one but it does sound like a good book. Very interesting about the narrator's style.


It is good--not very long, but sort of slow going. That's not necessarily a bad thing--I hope to finish by the end of the week. I do love both publishers--they always have such interesting books!

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