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Oh, how I love Le Carré novels! One of my favorite is Smiley's People (that mixes whodunnit with spy novel), but it's the final part of the Karla trilogy, so the suggestion would be to take them in order.


The trilogy: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Honourable Schoolboy; Smiley's People

You really need to read the trilogy. After that, there are so many others. I think the trilogy gives you so much you need to really appreciate the later books. A Perfect Spy is my favorite. The Night Manager is a great one, too. I have a fondness for The Little Drummer Girl. Oh, you've reminded me that I need to read these again -- so much great writing.


Your review brought back the pleasure of reading le Carré. I liked The Spy Who Came In From the Cold yet I agree with the comments by Smithereens and Susan. Do read the trilogy and do read it in order. He's so good.


This is such a favorite of mine! Along with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I have copies of both owned by my father and grandfather. I don't think that the quality of writing in these novels is always fully recognized so I am glad that you (ultimately) enjoyed it and are up for more.


This was my very first spy novel and I read it way back when. It definitely set the standard for that genre. I have read all of his books since.


Now I know what to come in from the cold means! It does sound like a page turner. What fun!


I add my vote to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy! I liked it a great deal when I first read it many years ago; then, on re-reading it fairly recently thought it was a masterpiece! After you read it (or before, if you're feeling self-indulgent) you can watch the excellent movie starring Gary Oldman, then (if you can find it) watch an old but incredibly good BBC series starring Alex Guinness and then go on to read the other two books in Le Carre's Karla trilogy (Karla being the Soviet counterpart and nemesis to the British George Smiley). After that---there's lots and lots more (I particularly liked The Little Drummer Girl).


I like the sound of that one-two of my very favorite genres together! I do plan on reading more le Carré so I appreciate any recommendations. I'll go check out the Karla trilogy now--thanks!


He's quite prolific, isn't he? I have added the trilogy to my wishlist and will be on the lookout for the first book--maybe it is a good thing I don't have it already on my shelves as I would probably start reading now and ignore my 'in progress' books!I will start with Tinker Tailor... I think. I have lots of good books to look forward to, don't I?!


I think this is a book I will definitely need to reread. It is a slow burn of a spy novel and I have a feeling that I missed too much by the way I read it. Now I am back in a spy novel mode. I will look for the first book of the trilogy to read next however! It's so nice to know I have a treat of a book in store for me!


I read it in a sort of disjointed manner and I think I definitely need to read it a second time straight through. There was so much more substance to it than I was expecting, which is just a good entertaining edge of your seat thriller, which this is, but there is lots of politics and philosophy to it as well. I must get my hands on Tinker, Tailor now!


It was a most impressive read, I must say. I have not read loads of spy novels, but a definite smattering. Now I am eager to read more--and yes, he does set the bar quite high.


It's one of those terms you hear all the time but don't really think about what it means--at least I hadn't. I really enjoyed it and now reading everyone's comments I really feel like picking up another of his books. Dangerous!


It sounds like I have lots of good reads in store for me. I was going to watch the film for The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, but I forgot to grab my library's copy. Thanks for the heads up on the film versions for Tinker Tailor--I will be getting the book and will watch for the films as well. He seems much loved and admired and there are loads of books to read, too!


Despite enjoying mysteries I'm not sure why I'm not really drawn to spy novels. You make this one sound very interesting though. Hope you enjoy whichever you start next an maybe one day I'll have to jump in and read one too!


I'm not sure it's a good thing to like them both! :) It took me a long time before I considered reading spy novels, but I find I do like them. Maybe it comes from watching (being addicted to!) the British show, MI-5?! I was thinking I might pick up an Ian Fleming for something a little lighter before returning to more Le Carré--I do have one or two of his other books, I think. But none that so many other readers have recommended to me.

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