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I was fascinated by Station Eleven, how awesome you got to hear the author speak.


What a fun time! Interesting St John Mandel wrote the books in scenes. She did a great job at connecting them all together so it did not feel choppy. Love the art! Very clever!


She was so interesting to listen to--I really lucked out and to have a book signed by her was very cool! It is a novel I will happily reread!


It was the highlight of the day--though all the authors who spoke were really interesting to listen to. She said she would write a scene or chapter and then when she got bored would pick up another thread (well--more or less--I am not sure that I am explaining it exactly as she did, but you get the idea). Since the story doesn't move in s straight path but moves around in time it worked really well. I wonder if all her books are like that--I hope to read something else by her soon. And yes, I love those little sculptures. I want Gulliver!


Those sculptures are awesome!
Sounds like you had a great time at the literary event and always love seeing a signed book.


Aren't they wonderful? I was proud of myself for not pulling out the credit card and going wild! I do love these sorts of events--wish there were more local things to attend.

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