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I'm trying to remember if I actually read this book or not. I'm thinking not. I know I read the first 2 or 3 and then I suspect that I thought I read them all. I should try again sometime, like you have. :-)


Thank you for reminding me of how much I enjoy "By the Shores of Silver Lake". While perhaps not as "romantic" in nature as the previous books, it is really a very exciting one that mirrors what was happening in the westward movement and I remember enjoying learning about Ma's ingenuity especially as she basically opens up a boarding house for a spell. I tend to read "The Long Winter" most winters, particularly after the first major snowfall. Great review. Thank you.


Ah you bring back such memories of reading these books! This was always my favorite book cover because of Laura racing on the horse :)


While this isn't my favorite book in the series, I do love Laura's wild cousin, Lena. (Is that her name?) And the horses they ride. And how they end of staying out there by themselves; isn't this the book where they meet The Boasts? I love these stories. And The Long Winter is the perfect novel to read with the weather getting colder and snow threatening to fall. Happy Reading!


THe whole series sounds so delightful. Somehow I think they make perfect autumn/winter reading.


I think I also assumed I had read this book--but as I work my way through the series, I am beginning to think I only ever did read the first three or so (and not Farmer Boy!). It is fun to rediscover the stories now, though. I think I might get through the remaining books by the end of the year--and then have a book of letters to follow up with.


The book does feel different than the others, doesn't it? And now this will be even more so since Laura is thirteen! But you are right, you do get a glimpse into a very different world--even as a midwesterner it feels to me still very foreign.


It is a great cover! And Laura is still a wonderful character--she really does try, but she has far more patience than I think I would. Mary, so very good always, would completely exasperate me, I think! That is a great scene where the horse takes off with her riding it--she hung on well, though!


I'm not sure which book is my favorite--maybe the very first one, though I think I never did actually read all the books in the series, so I will withhold a favorite choice until I finish. You have a great memory--Lena is her name. And the Boasts do come out towards the end of the story--on Christmas Eve actually. The stories are really wonderful and I am so glad I am reading/rereading them now. They have truly held up well over time!


Yes, these are the perfect books for fall especially. The stories tend to follow the rhythm of the year since Pa is a farmer essentially. I especially like to read them in the fall since almost every book (at least all of them so far) has a holiday scene and so they feel very festive. These books are definite keepers!


I remember vividly Mary's blindness from scarlet fever, because I had scarlet fever as a child and it worried me that I could be left without sight. My case was far less severe, of course, what with modern medicine and medical knowledge and I was never in any danger of that (though I didn't know that at the time). I want to get back to reading the Little House books. Need to finish up one or two books before opening another though. Suddenly I'm reading multiple books again after trimming it to just a couple.


Piles of books (both new additions and new reads) seem to pop up like weeds--completely out of control! Which Little House book are you on now? I am hoping to finish the rest of the series this year, though I am not sure how optimistic I am being. I didn't realize people still got scarlet fever, but then I saw on the news that someone somewhere had contracted the Plague. Crazy, but why not. The viruses must live--though where I am not sure. Thank goodness for antibiotics and other treatments, eh? Just imagine how many people died from all these illnesses that are so easily treated now!


I'm only on the second one, Little House on the Prairie! No chance of my finishing the series by the end of the year unless I drop everything else, ha.


Oh well--more to enjoy in the coming year! I won't even tell you when I began this project. Um, it stretches far back . . . . By the way, I am reading (finally) the story by Elizabeth Jane Howard that you were telling me about--indeed, very disturbing so far!

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