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If it were my list, I'd pick the five I most want to finish and concentrate first on those and as I finish them, then add in others from the list. Personally, I will just continue on reading as I have all year. I haven't tallied the number of books I have finished since the end of July I think. I have been curious lately though but I just haven't had the time for it! Where has the time gone?


The consequence of the way of reading I mostly did this year is very few books finished. On the other hand following my paths of interest and read an essay, a few poems, a chapter here and there has somehow made my personal library come to life again. I am very pleased with that and with the books I have on my shelves. As I know you have read more from your personal library as well this year I wonder how is that for you?


I am definitely letting go of any and all reading goals that I haven't yet finished and reading out the rest of the year on whatever whim strikes me. I'm tired of reading on a schedule, and trying to clear books off my TBR shelf...right now, I just want to read for fun. :)

Cosy Books

A Wreath of Roses is one of my favourite Elizabeth Taylor books and it's that little bit scary to make it a good Halloween read.
As far as reading's usually about the whim!


I usually keep reading as usual, even though the end of the year is approaching. I've probably read fewer books this year but I've read several very long books which I'm pleased about as I enjoy reading long books & I'd gotten out of the habit. If I were you, I'd try to finish a few books that you've almost finished anyway - that would give me a sense of achievement! Then, I'd choose one book that I really want to finish from the pile that's left. Check the date, & if it's almost the end of the year, maybe put the rest back on the tbr shelves & start a new, fresh pile for 2016.


I like Stefanie's idea of choosing the ones you want to finish most. That seems like a great way to choose.

I'm "behind" compared to last year's reading, too, if you go by number of books read. That doesn't concern me, because like you I've read some really great books this year and enjoyed my reading time, which is all I really care about. I've not achieved a bingo yet on my Vintage Mystery Challenge, and I've only read a few classics, so I guess I'm not doing too well on my reading goals. I think I won't join any challenges in 2016 and just read at whim.


I feel like every year I manage to read less and less and also wonder what am I doing with my time?!

I do have some reading challenges/projects I'm participating in that I would like to make a dent in but I know I won't finish most by the end of the year. Ultimately I think for me it comes to reading at whim.


That's a good idea and I am going to give it a go--maybe even only starting with three books and seeing how quickly things move. I always let things get out of control and then feel like I am cleaning things up at the end of the year. Where indeed! This year just Flew by!


I know I should not worry about not finishing books, or not as many as I had hoped or as many as the previous years as long as I read lots of good books, but I must admit I have started looking at my end of the year stats. I have read quite a few from my own shelves, too-and I have enjoyed it and want to keep on with it. I am trying, too, to pick up books I have long owned. Did I tell you I had a big weeding of books not long ago. I am hoping to get them carted off to the used bookstore this week!


I am not so worried now about goals, but I must admit I will be pleased to tidy up piles if I can! I like starting the new year with a more reasonable number. We'll see anyway. I am sure I will still add in a fun read or two along the way as well! Enjoy your own end of year reading, too!


I'm so happy to hear that! Elizabeth Taylor is wonderful anyway, but I wanted one that was especially engrossing and I think this is it! I did note the description and how fitting it is for this month! Whim is good and had I not let the pile get out of hand it would continue to be so. I just want to get the stack a little more under control!


I used to be very good at keeping an Excel file on the books I read, as it is interesting to see how it all breaks down over the year, but I was very lax this year about filling it in. I know I read a few really chunky books--and you are right that there is something very satisfying about them sometimes. I am reading the books that I am closest to finishing now. Once those are out of the way, I will prioritize as you suggest. In the end, I am sure I will carry more than a few f these over into next year, too. A few will likely go back and then there will most certainly be a few brand new books to start the year off with!


I do have a little rotation going. I am trying to concentrate on three or four and as I finish them I add a new book to the lineup. I didn't do many challenges, so at least I don't have any books for those hanging over my head. It is always a matter of my enthusiasm for starting more and more new books--must get those under control! I want to read more from my shelves again next year--beyond that I haven't thought about it all too much. (Though I am sure I will form a few ideas by the end of the year....).


Yes, that is the same question I have! I know I have gone to loads more movies this year than I did last, and I do enjoy them quite a lot, so that's okay. Now just to get the reading pile under control. I will cheat I am sure, and more than a few books will still be picked up before the end of the year--all on whim, too!


Reading g lists and me ( or should that be I?) do not seem to make happy companions. No problem about making a list but sticking to it is another story. I'm behind on my TBR challenge which is pretty bad considering all I had to do was read 12 books through the whole year. I've managed 7.


Well, that's more than half anyway? :) I love making lists--make all sorts all the time, but then end up doing something else entirely. Crazy. I Want to read the books, but the moment I set myself a task, I think some other book is Just the One I want and need to read Now! :) Oh well, as long as you are finding other good books to read, right?!

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