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Vipula Gupta

I can always count on your blog to have great recommendations. I am visiting after months and months and so excited to come to this post. Just added The Lost Honor of Katherina Blum to my to be read pile.


Hi Vipula, so nice to hear from you and I hope all is well! I find that I have to have a pen and paper in hand when I am blog visiting as well! Rarely can I leave a place without a suggestion or two for books I want to read! The Boll sounds really good, doesn't it? I am not sure which book I want to choose (as they all sound really good) but the Boll is a very strong contender!


Very interesting reading plans! I am looking forward particularly to your review of The Hunger Angel.

Lizzy Siddal

The Böll is brilliant ...


Thanks! So good to hear since that is where I think I will start! :)


We'll see what I can actually manage! There are far more books than I know I can read in a month, but I will start with Boll and see where I get from there. I definitely want to read Herta Muller at some point!


As always the dilemma of so many good choices! I will be curious to see which one gets your attention!


I think it is going to be Boll--I have just barely started it before turning all my attention to the Summerscale, which I hope to finish this weekend. Might be wishful thinking, but you never know. Back to Boll next week!

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